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Fitting a Flote-On trailer When selecting a trailer the carpeted bunks are shorter than the pontoon tube.
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Most center lift pontoon trailer manufacturers dona€™t make any claims about how road worthy their trailers are and some actually have disclaimers, not for highway use, do not exceed 40 MPH, etc. Standing in the middle of the trailer, grab the top rail, bend your knees and see if you can lift the trailer wheels off the ground. The front part of the tube slopes up and cannot be supported by the bunk and three or four feet of front tube beyond the front of the bunk is acceptable. Our standard response is that for most applications we recommend the wide axle stance of our bunk style trailer.A  However, there are applications for the center lift style trailers. With a center lift pontoon trailer you need to know the dimension between the pontoon tubes. Some pontoon boats (Bennington) have extra long motor mounts (transoms) that can be up to 70a€? long. We dona€™t offer center lift pontoon trailers in single axle models because we feel they are just unsafe. Box frame pontoon trailers that transfer the weight of the pontoon boat to a lower frame are more stable than pipe frame pontoon trailers. It is important that there be at least 3a€™-4a€™ of pontoon trailer tongue extending beyond the front of the pontoon to allow for swing radius when backing up or turning. Neighbors sometimes want center lift pontoon trailers so that the trailer can be used on more than one pontoon boat. Pontoon boat manufacturers fit their pontoons in various ways, from the outside edge of the deck (96a€? or 102a€?) to a few inches inside the deck.

Some brands of center lift pontoon trailers a€?throatsa€? (in the stern) can be as short as 40a€?. Some brands of pipe frame pontoon trailers have the center of gravity 3a€™ off the ground, and are very tippy. The weight of most pontoon boats is in the stern, for proper balance and tongue weight the axle should be nearer to the back.
There are some lakes with very poor-shallow ramps where ita€™s almost impossible to launch from an ordinary trailer. Typically a 8a€™ wide pontoon boat (96a€?) with 23a€? diameter pontoons will have a 50a€? opening. On box frame trailers, look for transfer arms to be straight up and down when the frame is in the up position. If you need to choose Bunk type or scissor type look the features of each type and consider how you will be using your trailer. There are storage concerns where individuals want to fit their pontoon boat in a garage or building with a low overhead door, etc. If the tubes are positioned an inch or two inside from the deck, this dimension is smaller. If you lanch your Pontoon boat in shallow water for example, then the scissor type works best or do you plan on trailering your Pontoon boat long distances then the Bunk type will be best. The bunk type trailer is a normal full width trailer that has a bunk for each of the pontoons. To prevent gouging the pontoon tube, the trailer should be at least 2a€? narrower on each side than the opening between the pontoon tubes. Arms that are not straight up and down when the trailer is in the up position will not transfer the weight properly to the lower frame.
However these considerations must be weighed against the potential danger of the center lift pontoon trailer. The more weight transferred to the lower frame, the less tippy the boat and trailer will be.

To launch or recover the Pontoon Boat the trailer is slid into the water and has to be submerged enough for the Pontoon Boat to float onto the bunks. You can then winch the Boat fully onto the trailer, before pulling out of the water. These bunk style trailers are a little more difficult to unload or load.
That means that if you clip a curb with a tire or a sudden gust of wind hits the boat and trailer, the whole load can tip over. Thousands of pontoon boats have gone down the road safely on center lift trailers, but the potential for danger is always present. With the lifting arms at an angle, not only to they not transfer the weight properly, they place unnecessary stress on the cable and winch when in the up position. There are guides a€? ( Load Mate ) a€? you can add that help with maneuvering the boat onto the trailer. In contrast the Scissor Trailer is an invention specifically for Pontoon Boats. The modern pontoon boat with extensive furniture layouts, 30+ gallon gas tanks and heavier engines increases the potential for weight distribution problems on a center lift narrow axle wheel base pontoon trailer. The Trailer actually lifts the deck of the Boat and does not support the Pontoons and the wheel base is quite small.
This style of pontoon boat trailer can be retrieved and launched in the shallowest of water, since the Pontoons are very low to the ground.
The name scissor comes from the fact that once the Pontoon is on the trailer, the Pontoon Boat is raised by a scissor action.

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