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Pontoon Boat FactsPontoons are very simple, and may be used on boats, rafts, barges, docks, or seaplanes.
Since pontoons are one of the safest types of boats on the water they are a perfect candidate for a family adventure around Shell Island, and St.
Pontoon Boats were invented in Minnesota, by Ambrose Weeres, a farmer in the rural town of Richmond. Weere went on to found Weeres Industries in 1952, and began taking orders for 40 more boats and an industry was formed! Family fun for Everyone!Bay Point Water Sports is ready to help you create lasting memories in Panama City Beach, with our fun on the water activities! Panama City BeachLocated in beautiful Panama City Beach, FL, Bay Point Water Sports offers premium fun on the water with all of our pontoon boat rentals, jet ski rentals, and dolphin tours.
Jet Ski Tours, Dolphin Tours & More!Bay Point Water Sports number one priority is making sure you enjoy the services we provide in a safe manner! Over time each of the boys married and transitioned into the stresses of normal adult life. One day the three brothers were gathered at the park in Fond Du Lac for the annual boat show. Christopher seconded the idea and offered to purchase the lift, trailer and handle winter storage at his garage in Oshkosh. Tom noted that while he had a good annual income from his job, he really didn’t have any savings money left to spend on a new boat. Upon hearing of the family dilemma, the brothers got a call the next day from their Uncle Fitz. SOB EDITORS NOTE: We felt we needed to inject a bit of levity into a what has been a turbulent week politically on the arena deal. This entry was posted in Articles and tagged Bob Bauman, Chris Abele, Franklyn Gimbel, Lloyd Pettit, Mayor Maier, Milwaukee Bucks, New Arena, Robin Vos, Save Our Bucks, Scott Fitzgerald, Scott Walker, Senator Kohl, Tom Barrett on April 18, 2015 by SOB Editor. DISCLAIMER: All background wallpapers found here are believed to be in the "public domain". A lot of satisfied customers took the time to let Trent and Donna Burkdoll know their product was a winner. When the Burdolls found out I was interested in testing their Pontoon Water Glide, they boldly asked when and where. Corky passed along the business to his daughter Donna and his son-in-law Trent to help take his idea to the next level. We first took the pontoon for a spin without the Water Glide so we could get a feel for the boat.
Water Glide is constructed of high quality FRP composite material with Coast Guard approved flotation foam. This time when we splashed the boat there was a noticeable difference in the flotation that was even obvious from the dock.
When all was said and done, I felt it was important to add my name to the stack of testimonials. Want a fully-functional fishing boat for you next outdoor adventure that you can literally fit into the trunk of your car? Unpacked, the boat sports a powder-coated steel tube frame, buoyed up in the water by two detachable, air-expandable nine-inch pontoons.

Designed as a single-seating boat that can fit all you need for a day of recreational fishing, the Colorado Pontoon has twenty pockets for all your gear (like, maybe, suntan lotion, you city slicker), two insulated drink holders (to keep your brewskies cool), a wire-style rear storage (for tools and more alcohol, of course) and a motor mount with a battery platform (in case you'd rather not burn your fishing arm paddling through the water). This is probably as light a fishing boat as you can get for all the things the Colorado Pontoon Boat can do.
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The cool new Arrow Backpacker Pontoon Boat is an 8 foot long inflatable pontoon boat that stows away in a lightweight backpack, because you never know when you'll need a boat on your outdoor adventures. Pontoons can be used to support platforms, creating a raft, floating docks, even houseboats. Come check out the quality of the pontoon boats we have available today, or book your pontoon boat adventure online now. Wow, there are so many types of fish in … Read More A»Swimming in the Ocean for your Health5 days agoBenefits of Swimming in the Ocean? The three boys had grown up on the shore of Lake Winnebago, raised by their loving parents Henry and Karen, who owned a beautiful house on the Lake.
Scott moved to Madison where he had built a lucrative career, Christopher moved into downtown Oshkosh, Tom elected to stay on the lake, inheriting the family home after the passing of their parents. A beautiful 24-foot pontoon boat with a 200 horsepower Mercury motor powerful was on display.
Christopher said that all three brothers should go home and talk about the boat purchase idea with their wives before making a decision.
The first words out of Robin’s mouth were “How much are your brothers putting in? He and his family loved the water and were eager to make this happen, even if Scott asked for some additional money toward the purchase of the boat. Scott informed Tom that there was no way his wife would allow him to pay the full cost of the new boat, especially since it was being kept at Tom’s house and it was likely Tom would be the one using it the majority of the time.
Rather than put in 15%, Tom suggested that he could donate some new fishing rods and a set of water-ski’s to the effort. He informed them that the  boat they had their eye on was still available at that tremendous sale price, but they needed to act fast.
This wallpaper was upload at September 9, 2014 upload by vehicledonation100 in Uncategorized. You could be backpacking through the South American jungles and suddenly get attacked by an ancient lost tribe and the only escape is on the water. Common boat designs that feature pontoons include catamarans (two pontoons), or a trimaran that has three pontoons keeping it afloat. Weeres had gotten the idea that if you built a wooden deck on top of two columns of barrels made of steel (welded together), you could produce a sturdy deck featuring more stability on the water than conventional boats of the time. Choose our Panama City Beach jet skis, dolphin tours, and our pontoon boats now for a day on the water you won't soon forget! The dealer was going out of business next-month and offering them a once-in-lifetime price of $22,000. Given the size of the families, it was impossible for them to all use Uncle Lloyd’s small fishing boat at the same time. Further she informed Scott that if the boat was to be kept at Tom’s house, Tom and his children would end up being the ones using it the most.

Tom and Roberta were both vintage toy aficionados, having first met each other at  TrainFest in West Allis years earlier. Scott said that Robin told him their family could carry 70% of the cost, but it would only be fair if Tom and Chris each put in 15%. Uncle Fitz informed the three brothers that he could arrange a low cost, no recourse loan for each of them to pay a respective share towards the boat. These things are messy and never seem to go off without a hitch, but keep making noise and ensure that your voice is heard. Privacy Policy5573 Cool New Items Discovered Since The Beginning.Proudly Made From Recycled Pixels. Weere’s initial boat design was a very simple piece of plywood tacked on top of some 55 gallon steel drums.
Further, the families all wanted to have that boat that could be used for more than just fishing.
Scott was discouraged, as he knew that if he could just get Robin to see the boat in person, she might change her mind. Franklyn said if the three brothers were going to buy a boat, they could purchase his trusty canoe that had been in family since 1948. Chris immediately replied that he’d do it, although he was unsure of his savings account balance at the time.
Christopher and Scott thought this might be the way to go, especially since they knew they would be able to rent out the boat during the week to tourists and fisherman and be guaranteed to recoup the boat’s purchase price over time and then some. More than likely though, this would come in handy when you're out fishing or camping and just want to be able to reach previously inaccessible areas or don't want to deal with the hassles of a full-size boat.
They are wonderful devices and allow Bay Point Water Sports to provide a wonderful day of fun on the water via our pontoon boat rental services in Panama City Beach, FL!
One of their favorite activities was going out walleye fishing in their uncle Lloyd’s 16-foot Lund Fishing boat. However there was no way Robin was driving all the way to the dealership in Fond Du Lac to look at a boat if their family had to pay for it all. Christopher immediately informed Grandpa Franklyn that the canoe idea was completely impractical for families who wanted to fish and boat on big lake such as Winnebago. Tom was still apprehensive on the whole idea even though he could likely find the money to pay back Uncle Fitz over time. Everything you need fits easily in the backpack, including the pontoon boat, oars and a foot pump.
Scott suggested that he had the money to buy the boat, but it would need to be kept at the Tom’s house on the lake. The three brothers agreed that as they grew up and built families of their own, they would always share this boating legacy with their children.

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