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The houseboat will be powered by a 2.4 kilowatt solar system and can store its electricity in a lithium-ion battery for up to five days. He plans on living aboard during the summers and moving it to other New England lakes in future summers. Below you can watch a video that shows how a forklift is used to lift the house onto the pontoon boat. For more read about the project on the MIT Alumni blog. Comments are encouraged but please keep it constructive and do not make any direct attacks on other commenters. If your comments consistently or intentionally make this community a less civil and enjoyable place to be, you and your comments will be excluded from it. The contents of this website are provided for informational purposes only and should not be construed as advice.
Location: toronto, ontario trailerable unfolding houseboat Hello, this is my first post! Description: It resembles a 8 ft wide 30 ft long camper cabin (no wheels or axles) that sits on a flat bottom hull that has a sizable air or foam filled chamber (pseudo-pontoon?).
I have a second (smaller) concept that has two large pontoons that spread apart horizontally to widen the boat rather than hinging the second pontoon over the top. Location: Thailand This is one of my older Myark proto types that may suit with a lot less complications, much lighter and easy to tow also amphibious as the folding barge is the trailer and towing camper van is loaded on deck, you can walk around the deck and is very stable with a shallow draft to camp on beach fronts.
Your way is wide on road and heavy to tow, hard to assemble and launch, and needs a large braked trailer stuck on the shore line with the towing vehicle and most of all when in not in use it takes a more room to stow on land.
The Myark folding barge pictured can be hired out for commercial use like I have done with film companies, harbour, lakes and river use. Considering the complexity and uniqueness of your project, you'd be best advised to seek professional help with the design. Location: Thailand Your design is not complex and is easy to manufacture with a few changes such as flat bottom with removable plug in torsions suspension. You get more buoyancy and the hull becomes more ridge and the trailer is part of the boat, cutting towing weight down also this bring the height down. I have attached Myark trailer barges that one shows in the back ground wheels attached and the front pictured barge shows where the torsions suspension and wheels plug in.
Notice there are holes in the front of Myark trailer bare which one of the centre wheels come of and go in the front so it can be hauled out of the water with rope as the wheels becomes a trolley for the hull. I placed a new Jayco luxury caravan on top, you can walk around the caravan, also it floats in ankle deep water with caravan on top.
It even has suspension in rough waves and when not use caravan on water it can be used on land such as a paradise island or back of lake or on a remote river side using the barge as a jetty. Location: Hawaii Looking at the sketch, I'd start by calculating the weight of the second fold down hull.

Maybe in countries where there's no regulation on motor vehicles or boating or even manufacturing processes, but in the first world, you can expect a fair bit more concern, about others on the water and the roads, you might be traveling around. Location: Thailand Its only 30' boat, no big deal at all, and like I said make it a fat bottom and incorporate the trailer into the hull structure to cut weight and height.
My suggestion is to have a mobile home with all the living goodies that is placed onto a folding structure similar to Myark folding trailer barge which my latest designs are skeleton in the centre which to make a wide pontoon that can float 10 Ton is about 1600kg in total weight that is the trailer combined and then drive a mobile home on top. It could have done with an extra 100mm on the side?s height making it 1.m wide when folded.
My new model version is a lot lighter and the height less and the cost very low that has plug in torsion suspension and unfolds in seconds like a garage door, it has built in loading ramps.
You can also buy pontoon DIY base structures at low cost and if going to use a trailer simply do that and add the top part, but the furniture weight is your problem and the trailer it self weight does not help. Location: Thailand For the folding out side all you need is a 5X1 boat manual winch that will do the job and when it is up pull the pin so the outside pontoon breaks and folds on to the roof.
Location: Thailand This link shows you can make the out side pontoon inflatable as you can the seats and bed. Location: Milwaukee, WI Check the regulations before accepting anyone's word about what you need.
It doesn't corrode as aluminium, it is not subject to osmosis (as fiberglass), it can work at low tempratures (PVC is limited > -10C and PVC is time-degradable). You can either buy Myark's pontoon trailer or built your own trailer from the factory built pontoons. Location: Thailand For a 100K I would go the Mercedes camper van and sell the towing car then purchase when available a Myark folding trailer pontoon.
Because the Myark folding pontoon is 4.8 wide the camper van can have awning to one side or both sides or better still a sliding out wall camper van. The new style 1600kg Myark folding trailer pontoon folds into three sections, also have titanium torsions suspension, axles and hubs that can stay on or come of as when unfolded the wheels naturally rise above the water and become bumpers that have a torsion suspension. The 2010 Jayco Conquest Motorhome starting from $104,750, has been refurbished inside and out to provide a comfortable and stylish base when spending time on the road. The interior?s new look includes fresh fabrics and upholstery design, as well as a choice of tasteful bench top finishes to help create a living space perfect for a quiet evening in. The Conquest comes with standard internal features including microwave oven, 3 way fridge with AES automatic function, innerspring mattress, four burner griller and a LCD TV and DVD player. Standard exterior features include a reversing camera and sensors for driving ease, as well as an electric step for hassle-free entry and exit. New Conquest owners can choose between a Mercedes Sprinter, Iveco Daily or Fiat Ducato chassis. With seven different layouts to suit individual travel needs and available in standard or compact models, Jayco?s designs are versatile to suit differing requirements.

Jayco Marketing Director, Andrew Ryan, said that the new 2010 Conquest from Jayco promises true freedom and comfort while on the road. When making potentially dangerous or financial decisions, always employ and consult appropriate professionals. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser for some features of this website to work correctly. Lifting it off the trailer and onto a pontoon boat converted this tiny house on wheels to a houseboat. He needs a powerful off-grid system like this to power appliance as well as a 400-watt electric motor that powers the boat’s propeller. In other words constructive critique is welcome, destructive mean-spirited judgements are not permitted. Are the pontoons large enough for buoyancy and clearance from the waterline (errant waves)?
There are several rounds of requirements, across different regulatory agencies that you'll have to satisfy, so self designing is simply not possible, without a considerable education. You might get a work around with the DMV, if it's considered trailered, but then you still have to deal with the boat part of the equation. With easy-to-clean vinyl flooring and full height kitchen splashbacks, the 2010 Conquest Motorhome is as practical as it is elegant.
As attractive on the outside as it is on the inside, the 2010 Conquest Motorhome has all new external graphics and design. All have been engineered for enhanced on-road stability and reduced road and wind noise, for a quieter driving experience.
Kitchen with sink and alcohol stove, stereo, new depth finder, porta potty, hard top sun deck, new back canvas Aft and new 2013 trailer.
And make pontoons rotate along their longer axis when unfolding the trailer, so the wheels will move from bottom to top. I didn't add walls thinking they could be fabric with poles set in slots and removed before folding.
I'd rather have two side decks that fold out one from each side to keep it more manageable. Or maybe a side to side expander where all the furniture stays in place and what you crank out creates space inbetween.

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