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Stereo; Sony MEXM70BT with Bluetooth and CD player and 4 speakers and stainless steel speaker covers.
Alright guys, im new to the pontoon world but me and my buddies picked up our new party platform. If your leaving it in the water full time ya bottom paint for sure, I trailer mine so I don't have mine painted I just do a serious wash job after. Alright well of course this lovely virginia weather wont allow for us to resin the plywood. You might want to consider putting an epoxy barrier coat on the pontoons before putting on the bottom paint.

Im not sure if it's on option, but I really like our Sun Tracker's ski pylon as opposed to a large bar. Liberty MO wrote:Im not sure if it's on option, but I really like our Sun Tracker's ski pylon as opposed to a large bar. Airlie jul abel airlie a north up are photos, diving of and whitsunday resort and are scuba narrow boat design plans day within marina bed. My swim platform is likely too weak to mount anything.As I mentioned, the mounts for the SouthBay style bar are already THERE and look very stought. I just need a starting point.Not only do I plan to ski behind this beast, the bar is going to become very important as a grab handle back on the swim platform.

As I am in the process of fabbing up my sun bench, my railing (where you would normally grab) is about to disappear. Finally, my exhaust guy says that without a 'sand-filled' bending setup, he will get a couple of creases at the 90 degree bends.

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