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Spending extended periods of time on our lakes and rivers without spending a fortune is now possible with the HRV (Hybrid Recreational Vessel) Liberty.
Following the trend in the living room furniture, the latest fashion in pontoon furniture design is modular. Quite as the Majesty and the Mistral, it could be equipped with a removable front seating module to complete a full "U" shaped seating area. Very reasonably priced, the Horizon is a good choice for the average budget and comes with basic equipment. The platform of the commercial pontoon boat enables the user to install almost any kind of equipment that we find on other types of boats.

The HRV is a unique new concept developed by Southland a Canadian manufacturer of high quality pontoon boats. This pontoon boat has been designed with very high standards featuring meticulously chosen furniture. She's the indisputable motive to setting foot in the comforting charms of our pontoon boats with no worry about their price. It is built with premium-quality materials and is backed by Southland’s long-standing renown for high quality workmanship. Freed form its sun shade, relying on its 24” diameter tubes and equipped with a back exit along with two 24" access hatches.

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