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As the weather gets colder, we don't get out on the water as much so you'll want to check out the end of this months newsletter where I have a special surprise for you.  And, an announcement we are very excited to make. Looks like a great thing for those that don't have the trailering or storage to accomodate a more traditional boat. I hope you had a great Thanksgiving and are getting prepared for a fantastic Christmas with your family and friends. Had my days with big boats and all and been boat-less for some years not outside of a jon boat on a pond I used to own.

You may want to add a battery tender so you can maintain the battery on shore without removing it. So I decided to put together me something to take to teach the Grandchild how to fish in but something small and easy to use.
Really its just to pull around from the ramp into the coves or to jump from cove to cove and to get you back to the ramp if you fun your battery down is all it is. Although you can buy a 5 HP motor for the same money, its a disadvantage, in this case, to put on on this boat.

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