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For over 55 years, Crest pontoons have brought tens of thousands of Crest owners a tremendous waterborne experience that is based on one driving principle — PONTOON EXCELLENCE. Every brand has a heritage of some kind, but today’s Crest has been proven by our satisfied Crest owners.
Crest utilizes proven methods and processes that bring a high quality pontoon boat to your dock. A few years back Crest encountered a major facelift across the board in an attempt to break away from the boxy mold that past pontoon boats were known for.
NX refers to “Next Generation” and most would agree this is a sport pontoon with an attitude. Across from the helm is a comfy chair for your first mate that looks like it was taken from a home theatre.
In the stern is Crest’s Club Seating, which includes two rear-facing loungers with a pop-up changing room stored nicely below. Crest calls its performance package the CP3; besides the third pontoon you gain an in-floor ski locker that is nearly 7 feet wide.
If you’re going to build a sporty pontoon like this Savannah, you better be able to back it up with performance, and with the Mercury Verado 300hp outboard on the back it certainly does. For those looking for a high-end pontoon that was designed by engineers who thrive on out of the box thinking, this Crest Savannah is worthy of a closer look.
Why we love this boat…The sporty, out of the (pontoon) box thinking that went into the design is truly inspiring. Just being picky…We wish the glove box that is located forward of the helm was easier to access for the driver, but the functionality of this compartment is great.

April 18, 2016Crest Classic 230 ChateauOver-the-top comfort, the CP3+ Performance edition and the amazing bar-style layout behind the helm chair highlight this pontoon.
Every Crest pontoon contains the DNA that has defined and evolved our watercraft, our brand and our company for more than five decades. Multiple generations of families continue to own and enjoy a day on the water with their Crest. As technology changes in materials, processes and propulsion, we are able to react quickly with confidence.
It’s safe to say this Savannah is like nothing else and it really impressed us with its looks as well as its performance.
From the French-inspired styling and colors to the overall design, there is a very nautical feel to this boat that we truly love.
The push button switches and master power cut off really add to the sporty feel of this console, not to mention the Gussi steering wheel.
There is also additional storage everywhere you look including behind-seat backs as well built into the fiberglass design. Two 25-inch diameter pontoons along with a 26-inch diameter center tube with lifting strakes make up the hull. This thrill ride had us nearly hitting the 50 mph mark at full throttle, but it’s the way the hull allows us to dive into the sharp turns that impressed us the most. This is a well-built ‘toon with luxurious amenities and you can clearly see the extra attention that went into the details to make sure this boat not only looked stylish, but also focuses on being comfortable and use-friendly too.
Our Owosso, Michigan headquarters and manufacturing campus has been located here since day one.

We are passionate boaters and boat builders that will never take our products and your recreational investment for granted. Over the years, Crest has manufactured respected commercial watercraft, houseboats, as well as our highly styled, structurally superior recreational models. We love the storage compartment for the captain that includes a 12-volt outlet as well as auxiliary ports inside to keep all of your electronics protected. Plus worth noting is all the additional storage compartments for the seating throughout the boat that include 12 volts inside and the LED cup holders and stereo speaker covers really finish off the high-end look.
And when you factor in the large in-floor ski locker, it really is amazing how much storage space you have on this boat. From a construction and fit and finish perspective, this Crest earns high marks for its overall quality and design. This has allowed us to develop a highly experienced team in pontoon design, engineering, manufacturing, and business management. Part of the Crest DNA is an innovative gene that won’t allow us to rely solely on our past accomplishments.
As you consider your new pontoon, consider the Crest Standard of Excellence and you will come to realize that Crest is the smart choice. If we had to be picky, we wish this glove box—that is located forward of the windscreen on the side of the helm stand—was a little closer and not such a reach for the driver.

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