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No no i think it should be from cape point to 30 and 10 with 4 drafts of beer on the fish box, the one that geys back with the most beer wins.. Those huge SW swells march straight into the mouth, then they start refracting in two directions. While you guys debate the pro's and con's of mono's vs cats, we go out in proper boats with interesting crew, dodgy yet oddly nourishing food, warm showers and the ability to stay out when the weather would have ya all scuttling for home.
Yes you might piss us off when flying past at full throttle as we battle to make that trawler at 6 knots, but as a fish catching machine, there's nothing to beat the good old displacement hull! Cat's work on the principle of catching air in the tunnel, which effectively means that you're riding on a cushion of air.
On fibreglass boats, the deadrise angle on a deep V can't be very large, as this would cause the boat to simply roll over (capsize).

You get plenty of other factors that will affect your ride quality, but the deadrise angle is THE most important, in my humble opinion!! On a good day they become breaking waves on the reefs and shallows which is why you have the warning buoys.
A mono is then your only option, so get one that is suitable for both water sports and that will hold its own at sea. Deep V monohull semi-rigid's are VASTLY superior to cat semi-rigid's, in terms of their ride quality.
On a semi-rigid, one can have a large angle because the pontoons will stop the boat from capsizing. Ultimately, if the boat was going to be used ONLY for fishing, I would have gone for a 17-18ft cat.

Mono's might not be quite as good as cats (some would argue not), but they come damn close if you choose a good one. HOWEVER, on smaller cats, the tunnel is simply too small to capture enough air for this to work.
The 5m gemini semi-rigid range has a deadrise of 26 degrees on their deep V hull's, which is the deepest V i've ever seen, which explains why it rides so phenominally well!!

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