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Browse through our website to see everything we have to offer for your enjoyable day on Lake Norman. Each WaveRunner can accommodate up to 3 riders and is available for one-three hour rentals. If you would like to explore beautiful Lake Norman, a boat rental from Premier Boat Rental is the perfect solution. Spending extended periods of time on our lakes and rivers without spending a fortune is now possible with the HRV (Hybrid Recreational Vessel) Liberty. Following the trend in the living room furniture, the latest fashion in pontoon furniture design is modular. Quite as the Majesty and the Mistral, it could be equipped with a removable front seating module to complete a full "U" shaped seating area. Very reasonably priced, the Horizon is a good choice for the average budget and comes with basic equipment.
The platform of the commercial pontoon boat enables the user to install almost any kind of equipment that we find on other types of boats.
We have tried to gather here the key elements to take into consideration in the decision making process. From the very first Southland pontoon boat, we have targeted excellence in the construction methods and quality standards that are built into each of our products to meet the expectations of all those who revere these principles in the art of boat building. To own a pontoon boat is to be able to enjoy pleasant moments on the water in the company of family and friends. Southland, a leader manufacturer in Canada, earned recognition for its original products. Reliability of components, fabrics, subcontractors, deliveries delay and service during and after the sale. 3Choosing Southland Pontoon Boat, you’ll opt for beauty, meticulous design, trendy fabrics, refine fitting-out and various color swatch.

The HRV is a unique new concept developed by Southland a Canadian manufacturer of high quality pontoon boats. This pontoon boat has been designed with very high standards featuring meticulously chosen furniture. She's the indisputable motive to setting foot in the comforting charms of our pontoon boats with no worry about their price. It is built with premium-quality materials and is backed by Southland’s long-standing renown for high quality workmanship. Freed form its sun shade, relying on its 24” diameter tubes and equipped with a back exit along with two 24" access hatches. This option permits the installation of an hydraulic steering system and the tube performance kit. That it be a winch, a crane, some inspection equipment, some cleaning or repair gear, etc., the commercial pontoon boat can handle these additions. You can fish, you can wake, you can ski, you can dive, go to the beach, go tubing, swimming, speed up or just sightseeing while enjoying  a good wine and eating your favourite foods .
In fact, with its large flat floor it makes fishing trips so much more enjoyable in many ways. Because we are favoring our own methods despite the overtime they needSouthland Pontoon Boat never do any compromises on longevity. It is the reason why the commitment of Southland Pontoon Boat consist in scrupulously answer to the governments safety rules.
We will put our experience to work so that you will have the most memorable, hassle-free boating experience available on Lake Norman. Southland furnishings made of teak or mahogany include tables, handrails, footboards and the deck.
With your favourite music coming from a premium 200 watts radio,  children, parents and friends are going to have a great time.

People think wrongly that it is impossible to water ski or to wake board with such a boat. In addition, Southland Pontoon Boat take pride in being NMMA and CE certified even surpassing those criterias.
Vivamus vehicula, dolor ut aliquam tincidunt, ipsum sem scelerisque arcu, ut porttitor lectus dolor nec ligula. If it is transportation from your batch to a BBQ2007 Sea-Doo Rxp 155hp- MANUFACTURER Sea-Doo - MODEL YEAR 2007 - MODEL RXP (155 hp) - ENGINE Rotax 4-TEC CARB 3 Star, closed-loop cooling system - DIShips155 HP Rotax 4-TEC Engine. Free shipping excludes destinationRigid Inflatable BoatGreat pleasure to post trade lead on the internet. Our commitment to excellence in design, construction, and service has made us an industry leader. With thousands of already satisfied and loyal customers, we look forward to creating a durable, affordable pontoon boat to suit all your needs. We invest in the best water based and computer aided design and manufacturing tools available to create pontoon boats with accurate dimensions, precise furniture patterns, exact aluminum sizing, and a smoother finish.
We have mastered our design techniques over our 40 years in the business and we continue to innovate, bringing stylish and comfortable boats to the water. See our Design Options »Impeccable ConstructionOur expert manufacturing team creates every pontoon boat in our own facility, ensuring the highest quality construction every time. Our experienced, in house team of welders, furniture makers, assemblers, and quality assurance engineers is committed to making your pontoon boat perfect. That's why we have one of the lowest incidences of warranty claim in the industry, year after year.

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