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Even if your pontoon boat is in perfect condition, there are many add-ons and pontoon boat accessories you can purchase and install yourself to increase the enjoyment your boat provides for you and your family.
If you’re planning on spending a lot of time on your boat, you might want to invest in a small refrigerator. Of course, you can also find any standard stuff you need for your boat online, too, like cleaners, pontoon boat covers, GPS, pontoon boat trailers, switch panels, lighting, horns, steering systems, fish finders, depth finders, fenders, and hardware. By making additions to your pontoon boat, you can extend your boating season by months or just make some improvements that will add to the quality of your boating excursions.
WE HAVE A FLEET OF 16 PONTOONS (EVEN 1 WITH A WATERSLIDE) - 2 FISHING BOATS, 2 KAYAKS, A CANOE, & "NEW" 2 Paddleboards. RENTAL POLICYALL DAY RENTAL: 8am-6pm (8am-5pm in early May before Memorial Day & in Sept after Labor Day). The railing panels come in several sizes, and you can “jazz up” your boat’s look by adding some striping in red, green, blue, brown, or burgundy.
These operate on a 12-volt battery and are specifically made to endure the moisture inherent in boating. It features 316 Stainless steel Anchor Rings, 4 attachment points, molded handles and welded footsteps.

You will state the approximate time you plan on picking the boat up & at 10am if you are running late & have not arrived yet, we will simply charge your credit card to hold the boat for you. Imagine catching and filleting a nice bass, then immediately grilling it with butter and herbs. Why leave all your hard work and financial investment unprotected and vulnerable to the weather and other forms of damage? If your pontoon boat is beginning to show her age, you can revamp it yourself by ordering parts and accessories online, saving a bundle. They provide a place for you to seek some shade, along with a place to keep dry in the event of a surprise rain shower. We waive that in the case of bad weather which we define as bad winds, bad rain, or lightning. We ask for a 48 Hr cancellation or your credit card will be charged in full at scheduled pickup time. You may not copy, reproduce, or use any data, images, or other materials from this site for any purpose without the expressed written consent. If the deck itself needs work, purchase marine plywood or special sheets of pontoon boat decking.

The parts are treated with silicone and then sheathed in plastic to make them impervious to moisture. Most pontoon boat grills use a one-pound propane cylinder and can be used with a pedestal or as a table-top grill. If you are running late - just call us & we will gladly charge your card in full & hold it for you. You can add consoles, wrap-arounds, swing-back seats, reclining seats, captains’ chairs, pedestal seats, loungers, and built-in cup holders to make your boat more comfortable and functional.
If weather is questionable you can wait it out & we will just charge you for time out on the boat.

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