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To maintain the toughness and durability that Koffler prides themselves on, the Sea Dory is also built using 5086 & 5082 marine grade aluminum and at least 7 stringers that run the full length of the boat. Location: NH Aluminum Power Drifter I am currently investigating the potential to build a power drifter style boat out of aluminum, which I intend on outfitting with a jet powered outboard somewhere in the range of 40hp at the pump.
My research has led me to a design that would include a center line length around 15-18?, side height of between 21-24?, and a bottom width of 54?. Location: Western Massachusetts That looks alot like an 'extreme' Oregon Power Dory, some of whish are built in aluminum. When making potentially dangerous or financial decisions, always employ and consult appropriate professionals. Whether running in a shallow water river or a lake, the advantage of our Jet Drifter is that it’s design allow it to perform better with the use of less horsepower than our other Power boat models.

Similar to our Koffler Power boat models, the Jet Drifter can be equipped with inboard or outboard power and with a flat or semi-V bottom.
All power boat models are constructed with an extrusion joining the formed ribbed sides to the one-piece formed bottom.
They came to us needing a boat that performed like a Pacific City Wooden Dory boat on the ocean, without the maintenance that comes with taking care of a wood boat. The Sea Dory comes in 20’, 22’, and 24’ lengths and is primarily designed for outboard power. This powerboat will perform with as little as 35 HP prop engine but the hull design will also accept larger engines. It is built using the finest marine grade aluminum alloys (5086-H32 and 5086-H32) with 6 to 7 stringers that run the full length of the boat for extra strength.

The extrusion is double welded on the interior of the boat, eliminating the need for exterior welds. This boat is available in a flat bottom design for running onto the beach or a deeper V-bottom suitable for trailering. The floor structure of all power boat models consists of 6-7 one piece longitudinal stringers formed to the shape of the hull. Only the finest marine grade aluminum alloys (5052-H32 and 5086-H32) are used in the construction of all Koffler power boats.

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