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I don't know the answer, but it occurs to me that some of the people who might have some good feedback for you might not have AutoCad on the computer they're reading this forum from, so I thought I would also post a thumbnail of your drawing as an image. Location: Chichester, England Seem to remember that Savitsky did some work on Porpoising, looking through my old lecture notes this is rather more complex than I can post.
When making potentially dangerous or financial decisions, always employ and consult appropriate professionals. Home Powerboating News Powerboat Nation Welcomes Marine Design Corporation to the Family!
The DriveGuardian was first developed to correct problems with the Mercury Racing SSM VI and NXT drives. The real success to this design is that it was developed from need and done in a purely professional way with the cost and time of the R & D done by the manufacturer well before it was ever brought to market.
Powerboat Nation is proud to have the Team of Marine Design Corporation onboard and very excited to review each of the numerous other innovative products they offer. Look at any water body at a stretch and you will have all doubts if ever this fluid can be packed with fun and activity. Cruiser Series from Phil Pauley offers you the ultimate luxury private travel as well as commercial travel.
The London Moto Group’s Super Car Workshop has just completed their first ever marine project.
The statements comes directly from the London Motor Group’s press release regarding the boat.
While running his boat he was breaking Mercury Racing Drives often, and after too many costly failures rather than just pay and complain about the problem he set out to find a solution. Designed with completely dry sealed cabin, Neptune MM2 is a two-seater sport micro submersible.

The 155-meter “The Streets of Monaco” luxury superyacht by Yacht Island Design boasts a design that recreates a small section of the Principality of Monaco, known for the Formula One track and the Monaco Yacht Show. Or maybe a visitor to the Great Barrier Reef who feels that he wants to spend more time underwater to enjoy its beauty. The vessel, a 38-ft Wellcraft Scarab called Noire, is on display at the PSP Southampton Boat Show. He had a theory about the problem and even had an idea to develop a product that would correct the problem, but being smart he did it the right way. Of course before going to market rigorous testing was done by Mike in his own boat and then on the race course in many actual race boats who are know for destroying drives.
Either way, the driver propulsion vehicles (DPVs) that are on offer today give you barely 45 minutes of diving time before resurfacing.
Refurbished inside and out at the Super Car Workshop in London, Noire is a 1997 Scarab, purchased by London Motor Group CEO, Elo, in Miami in 2008.  It was the fastest offshore powerboat of its time and is still arguably the quickest craft of its kind in the UK, powered by two 502-cubic-inch Mercury V8 engines, each developing 450 horsepower.
This new yacht design by the house will be given a practical shape by the Mystic Powerboats which hold supremacy in construction and engineering of high-end powerboats.IF60 has a characteristic V-hull design and has been conceptualized with the help of carbon fiber reinforcements accompanied by high-quality materials like Dupont Imron marine paint and e-glass construction. He set up strain gauges in his boat to measure actual stresses on the drive components and identified how the transfer of torque load was communicating all the way through to the propeller and back. The yacht flaunts a sexy appearance and immense power like a bull for turning anyone crazy.
It includes a highly secured and monitored environment, with powerful oxygen refill system and CO2 scrubbing. The yacht is like a floating island, which exploits the benefits related with SWATH platforms.
But this innovative DPV design from Sean Bettie offers more underwater time, better maneuverability and a wide variety of options and controls.

We also felt because the engine and tanks were mounted on center there was no moment to right the boat. To support maximum maneuverability, this vessel uses a nose probe guided dive and rise action. For the magnificent yacht that incorporates land-based architecture into the superstructure, Yacht Island Design has collaborated with BMT Nigel Gee. Taking a look at its technical aspects, it has MTU 10V 2000 engines that produce about 1,600 hp each. Powered by 2 large multi-axis thruster power, Neptune MM2 can achieve speed of 12 knots under the water. This wonderful power leads to the cruise speed of about 60 knots that is equivalent to 69 mph.
This is not all about the speed of the powerboat as it offers even more for the lovers of speed. High on carbon fiber diet, this powerboat cruises on water just like a supercar races on a road.
Quite elegantly, it possesses master head, guest head, master stateroom, galley, and a fort guest stateroom.

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