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When making potentially dangerous or financial decisions, always employ and consult appropriate professionals. This can vary considerably depending on type of resin, foam, glass, how much you make yourself, degree of fitting out, the quality of fittings, type of sails, rig, auxiliary etc. The figures could be reduced further by using lower grade materials, but resale value may also be correspondingly lower.
A multihull will also usually cost from 15 to 25% more to build than a similar size monohull, but the resale value will be considerably more, even as much as double, due to the saturated market in used monohull sailboats, all very alike.
Note that the above costings were correct in 2008, and will require correcting for inflation, or for the area where the boat is to be built.
Similar size boats, to similar standards, will use about the same amount of materials, and cost about the same. This is a difficult question, as building time for any boat is very variable and can vary tremendously from builder to builder, being very dependent on work rate, ability, skills, and tools available.
The average time range is boats with basic laminates to typical production standards, an average exterior finish, coupled with a simple interior using an unfaired textured finish or a surface covering material. Compared to similar boats, the F-Series® designs will be quicker to build, due to the well developed building systems, the highly detailed plans, and the many production methods that have been incorporated in the plans.
Be careful of claims about low building times, where many required aspects are usually ignored. Farrier plans also offer that choice between relatively basic and simple boats, to more sophisticated craft, so the builder does have the opportunity to choose between limiting the building time required, or going all out for the best boat possible. A good well detailed set of plans is not inexpensive, as they take considerable time and can make or break a project. I'd like to take this opportunity to thank you for taking the time to develop such explicit and detailed instructions. Floating docks are the best choice for deep water or areas of water with significant depth fluctuations. Specialty docks include suspension docks, which jut out from a piece of land and have no underneath support, and lift docks, which can be lifted vertically to be protected from ice and freezing conditions during the winter. Docks can be made from a variety of materials, including wood, wood composite, aluminum or plastic. You could spend $1,000 or $50,000 on a dock, depending on the type, materials used and the difficulty of installation.
A small, preassembled pipe dock might cost $1,000 to $2,000, not including delivery or installation.

The smallest permanent docks start at about $5,000, but most fall in the range of $10,000 to $30,000.
Piling docks, perhaps the most popular type of permanent dock, usually cost about $20 to $40 per square foot.
Boat houses start at about $10,000, but fancy versions with multiple stories, storage rooms, jet ski lifts and the like easily cost $20,000 to $50,000 or more. Answer a few short questions & get free estimates for your project from trusted companies in your area.
Plywood and bought twenty recycled ones at a great Build the shed after the boat has been delivered and fix It is intend another daytime of shed sour rather than boat work and it would monetary value.
The main factor is simply the type, price and availability of the wood at the time of purchase as the quality wooden iron wood is hard to get, we strongly recommend you to collect the wood before starting to build.
Building the hulls or bare shell is actually relatively inexpensive, the major cost comes later when fitting out. A custom (professionally) built boat will usually cost significantly more than a production version, but it can also be a considerably superior boat. Beware also of claims that any boat can be built for half the cost - this is only possible by omitting or reducing important structural reinforcements, or by using low quality or inferior materials and fittings. In this regard, the best or only way for an accurate costing is to cost all items in the materials list (available in Study Site) in your area. Underestimating or omitting materials from any particular design's materials list does not make it any cheaper to build.
Some builders also have the ability to just get on with it while others may waste many hours day dreaming. Fully vacuum bagged, top quality boats, with a high production standard exterior finish, coupled with a fully faired and a glossy painted high grade interior will take the longest.
Other timesavers like Full Size Patterns for all frames and many interior parts, plus procedure checklists, will enable your boat to be built very efficiently (provided you follow the plans). These can offer some labor savings for hulls, but the hulls can also be of an inferior shape, with a low resale value, plus the building time for hulls is actually only a small part of the boat.
Saving a little here can be a very expensive mistake, as one could then spend hundreds of extra hours working out how to build, or many items or features may not actually fit or work as originally claimed. A dock provides a space to park your boat, of course, but ita€™s also a ready-made entertainment area, perfect for laying out, fishing or just hanging around with family and friends. Essentially, it is just a platform suspended slightly above the water that is supported by skinny pipes.

This page explains how we built our gravy boat shed victimisation the Stimpson leatherneck plans for a the time the sauceboat arrived ace had plenty of prison term to research what kind of shed to build.
The major advantage of building yourself is that the cost can be spread over a period of time. Larger models (such as F-41) are usually more cost effective, and price can be competitive or even better than a production boat. Alternatively, as a rough guide, material cost will be about 40% of the retail cost for an equivalent production boat, plus or minus 10%, depending on builders bargaining ability.
The question to ask regarding any boat that appears cheaper should be what has been left out, or is under size?
It will also depend on the standard of plans, type of materials, building methods, whether parts are made or purchased, and on the degree of finish of both interior and exterior.
Fast builders with good equipment can lower times significantly, while slow builders spending many hours getting every detail just perfect could take considerably longer. This would only be possible by lowering quality, or compromising other factors such as performance, load capacity, or safety, and one should be prepared to spend the necessary time on a project, depending on size and help available.
F-41 hulls alone for instance can be built relatively quickly, but when removed from the form frames much of the basic interior is already in place, and does not have to be added later, as with pre-formed panel boats, where it is much more difficult to do. Worse, once finished, the resale value could be tens of thousands less with a little known or unproven design.
As a professional designer and engineer, I fully appreciate the effort you put in detailing every phase of the construction process and the instant email support you give to every question. The best dock for you depends on your budget, the water depth and local weather conditions.
Significant savings are only possible with smaller models by building yourself, or if located in a lower cost country where production prices have been inflated by currency exchange rates, or import duty factors. The great majority of the time actually goes into assembly and interior fitout etc., and this is virtually the same for all boats when done to the same standard. Some pipe docks can be fitted with wheels so they are easily removable, which is important in areas where water freezes and can damage the dock.

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