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Please enable JavaScript in your browser to experience all the custom features of our site, including the ability to make a purchase. A thoroughly modern textbook covering all aspects of yacht design for both professional and student alike.
I have been trying to wrap my mind around all aspects of boat design and was wondering if there are any good books for learning about naval architecture as they relate to the cruiser particularly that one could learn the details of changing rigs and hull design.
I have been asking a lot of questions and realized that I need to learn alot more to be able to ask intelligent ones. I would suggest learning first to hand draft your designs as this will help you to understand the processes involved and to understand how just a little change in beam, draft, freeboard ect will change everything like as in a domino effect.
I found Sailing Theory and Practice by C J Marchaj, an excellent source of detail and deeper discussion whilst i was building my Roberts 36 in the latre 70's early 80's.
Look at the SNAME books - big blue, big red, big green (Naval Architecture, Marine Engineering, Ship Construction). From the author of Me and Earl and the Dying Girl comes a novel about music, love, friendship, and freedom. One thing I've noticed is when I get a bit of speed up (especially on bottom turns), it's making a harmonic whistling sound. I thought it was the trailing edge of the fin being to sharp and that was resonating causing the high pitch whistling.
Honestly don't want to be a smart ar5e but after receiving a nasty chop myself, and reading the following article, I'd be leaving fin sharpening to the pros on the big juice. I take the sharp edges off my kid's board fins with a bit of wet and dry, would hate them to end up looking like me!
Whistle happens when fin positioning is across the main flow direction of the board, as a drag of high frequency when the planning reaction of board is more important than the fin foil reaction across the main flow.
I explain , except time it happens on short board going fast on extreme situation but in case of short board surfers use more fins areas than planning area of the tail shortboard , whistle did happen most of the time on big board like longboard or SUP.
Did happens to me longtime ago on 7'6" single fin but was obviously from a very very sharp fin. Recently, i did wonder about it again when it happens on my 7'11" on rear fins of my quad set up made of TC aqualine .

Try sanding down the trailing edge so that there's about a 45 degree angle all the way down. Whistles happens then the point where the flows of water join at the back of the fin oscillates between two positions. This happens typically when the trailing edge is square and the flow reattaches on either side of it.
The solution can be to have a sharp trailing edge (case 5 below), but in my opinion, it is too dangerous.
Better is to sand to round one side (case 7) so the one edge is favored to "anchor" the vortexes, trying to leave no cutting edge.
Yep have to agree with colas's info, I alway sand a radius into my trailing edges after I square them off, only takes a second and finishes the job nicely.
Fin hum is a bummer; the vibrations cause drag, not to mention it's annoying as hell and a defect in a production fin. Principles of Yacht Design has now established itself as the standard book on the subject for practising designers, naval architecture students, discerning boat owners and the boatbuilding industry as a whole.
The authors have used a newly designed 40 foot performance cruiser to demonstrate the practical application of yacht design theory. Many reasonably experienced coastal sailors (and motorboaters) find the prospect of sailing their boat to the continent appealing yet daunting.
This quick reference guide contains all the navigational information and practical seamanship needed by skippers or crew. Storms are terrifying, awe-inspiring and provide an unparalleled thrill to those who encounter them - and survive.
This coursebook is tailored for students following both the theoretical and practical aspects of the syllabus of the the RYA Ocean Yachtmaster.
The inaugural title in Adlard Coles Nautical's exclusive new series of books about traditional boats and traditional seamanship.
This is a groundbreaking, technical analysis of yacht design, linked to the theory and testing of how a sailing yacht behaves underway. In its short life it has become highly regarded, and is widely used in naval architecture college courses.

I would start with small boats such as a swampscott dory, or a pea pod and when you understand what is going on there move up to a larger boat. While focused on commercial ships, the concepts and basic principals are the base of good design. The authors present a logical and clear route along the complex paths of yacht design in a manner that both lay people and experts can follow and use. I like fast ship it exports to Rhino Marine very well and if I got all the parameters right I can knock out a hull in about 10 hrs. Aside from being pretty much the inventor of performance cruisers, you will find many examples of racers he's designed in the book. Enabling JavaScript in your browser will allow you to experience all the features of our site. After a bit of googling I discovered it is attributed to the trailing edge of the fin not being sharp enough.
I actually like it, weird I know but I've sort of come to associate it with the adrenalin rush of racing across a fast wall. Now revised and expanded for the third edition it examines every aspect of the process of yacht and powerboat design.
Beginning with the yacht's specifications, the authors examine vital topics and conclude with practical matters such as the layout of the cockpit, deck and cabin, and provide a complete weight calculation for the boat. The book is filled to the brim with formul? but even for those mathematically challenged the textual and graphical illustrations suffice to make each and every aspect of designing a yacht understandable. So This make thinking than positioning is the reason of whistling as well as trailing edge can be too. At first keep things simple, spartan accomodations untill you understand the relationships of berths, heads, galleys.
The other thing is understand the market, lets say you want to design a small outboard powered displacement fishing boat of 20 ft.

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