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But someone told me that this does not work, you can not scale a hull that way it will not work, that in order to scale down the boat would sail in a much more dense than water. DO NOT believe what you have been told - IT IS WRONG - if you do a very careful study in 'google' or other search-engine - into 'A' class model sailing yachts - you will find that - way back in the beginning - these very fine model yachts were a direct development of a - 6 mtr racing yacht. Location: Cocoa Beach, Florida Dias, you might want to contact Fred Schmidt who is a member here and heavily involved in IOM racing in Brazil. Location: SF bay I've never understood how tank and windtunnel testing could be of much value if things didn't scale.
Originally Posted by Squidly-Diddly I've never understood how tank and windtunnel testing could be of much value if things didn't scale. Things do scale-and quite nicely BUT-Dias seemed to be talking about scaling down a much larger boat to one meter.
1& 2 above illustrate that a VOR70 could not realistically be scaled down to one meter. Location: Albuquerque NM USA Well, you can't fool Mother Nature, but you can fool the human eye.
You have opened a can of worms with this thread on this forum that will go on for many pages in arguement and confusion. Location: Chile Do you know the Magnun 747 mini transat designed by David Raison?

When making potentially dangerous or financial decisions, always employ and consult appropriate professionals.
Kyosho expands their sailing boat range with their new Fortune 612 III, inspired by the massively impressive sailboats of the America’s Cup Match Race, one of the most famous trophies in the sport of sailing. The Fortune 612 III is supplied ready-to-sail, fitted with the Perfex KT-21 controller and all of the electronics already installed. The hull is made of ABS, and mounts aluminium shaft, and sails sewn, the figures of the sailors and the different details that make it a nice to see in the living room. Price Realized is hammer price plus buyer’s premium and does not reflect costs, financing fees or application of buyer’s or seller’s credits. The International One Metre rules requires me to build a boat of 4 kilograms and use a very accurate rig, so with these variables I can not play. I wanted to maintain the look of those great gaff rigs so I kept the sail plan very close to scale. If you watched last year’s Youtube coverage of the races in San Francisco Bay, you’d agree that these boats are stunningly fast when properly manned (and funded!)! To start navigating serve only 12 AA batteries, 8 to the radio and 4 for the boat and the charger. So what generally happens if you try to do exactly scale is that the model has too little displacement and too much sail area.

I did an exact scale Melges 24 at a length calculated to work for a model-it was 55" LOA(see below) and had an asymetric spinnaker. I just want to know if the lines of a hull designed for a length of real yacht can be reduced to just one metre will work. Hull is self-stick mahogany veneer laid over a fiberglass shell with another layer of fiberglass on top. Draft is increased as is thickness of the keel to give more displacement and a better ballast ratio. Next iteration will have more displacement forward and less aft to reduce the tendency to pitch down on the beat. Goes like a bat on the reach or run, but like her big sisters she's a handful on those points of sail.

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