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I looked up the name Hiliner because I think my brother-in-law has one that is fairly ragged out but not a lost cause. Mine wanders quite a bit at low speeds because of the deep vee but you get used to it pretty quickly and stop over-correcting. There are always a few Gypsy models for sale around here in the Newburyport - Portsmouth area. The only gripe I have with mine is that the starter motor on the diesel sits very low in the bilge and has problems with the bendix shaft getting rusted. Advertise with The Yacht Market and your advert will appear on Noble Marine's pages automatically for no additional cost.
Noble Marine are specialist insurance brokers providing boat insurance for most types of craft. Her current engines (twin Cummins 593 Hp diesels) give her a 29 MPH top speed and a cruising speed of 24 MPH.
The wide side decks and the16’ beam tend to make the boat seem somewhat on the “tight side” for big men.

We extend to you a cordial "WELCOME ABOARD !" Come on in, make yourself at home, we are a friendly group of enthusiasts, and we also appreciate the classic Chris Craft Roamer, Corsair, and Lancer boats too , as they are all on the same family tree and share much in common ! I had to laugh about the comment someone posted, saying he met Ray Hunt two years ago and discussed design with him, and Ray said he didn't design the Commanders. This first photo is of a smaller "Moppie" but it shows just how far Hunt went with the deep V concept.
Whether you're researching a new boat, or are a seasoned Captain, you'll find The Hull Truth Boating & Fishing Message Forum contains a wealth of information from Boaters and Sportfishermen around the world.
Stem and keel are Honduras Mahogany as is the carvel and double and triple diagonal planking and four massive stringers, all glued and screwed together. But, the speed with this power reflects her light weight and Hunt design hull for performance.
The engines are 250HP Marine Power engines that are married to (2) ?Props on straight drives which are undoubtedly nested within the Deep-V hull in order to ?achieve the unexpectedly shallow 32" draft on a boat with such a deep ?hull profile. Although it should be noted that an installation of a longitudinal girder system was later added to stiffen  her hull for a re-power and higher speed abilities.   This re-build was extensive, as Seabuddy understands that some 25,000 man hours were billed.

With a mere 46 hulls built, this is a rather rare find and often sought after by Chris-Craft enthusiasts. Ten years later another major restoration of an additional 15,000 man-hours were spent to more than “spruce” her up. Her 22 degree deep vee bottom from amidships to the transom gives a ride and the handling one expects from a C.
Also, a Hunt design from the 1960s era does not have wide chines to reduce deep vee roll at slower speeds at sea.

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