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The Outlaw JR OBL comes ready to run straight out of the box ready for you to take it out for a spin on the lake. The Himoto Crosswinds is a brushless power speed boat not only looks good but it is easy to control. This new Himoto Genesis is a superb looking rc boat equipped with an powerful 3674KV2075 brushless motor.

The Himoto Makira is 62cm long radio control boat powered by a 2858KV4122 Brushless Motor which produces an incredible amount of power. OBL is 720mm long but dona€™ t be fooled by its size the rc boat still breaks all speed limits. OBL rc boat is equipped with an water-cooled brushless out runner motor for even greater performance. The Outlaw JR is 720mm long but don’ t be fooled by its size the rc boat still breaks all speed limits when you take it out for a spin, thanks to the water-cooled brushless Motor.

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