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New Products Hot Deals Top Brands Top Sellers Tutorials Support CheckoutHOLIDAY Sale!• Take 15% OFF!• Take 10% OFF! It looks and sounds like something Bruce Wayne could have conjured up in the basement of his Gotham City mansion.Were the Dark Knight in need of getaway vehicle over water, a 2,700 horsepower superboat built using genuine Chevrolet Corvette parts and lightweight carbon fibre would be just the ticket. Power boat manufacturer Marine Technology Inc has taken America's most famous muscle car off the road and onto the ocean waves.Constructed from a Corvette ZR1, the 48-foot ZR48 possesses numerous auto-inspired touches, such as sleek body lines, authentic tail-lights and Corvette badges.
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Equipped with the powerful 2848-2636KV water-cooled brushless motor, starting is as simple as pulling the cord.
After entering via custom gull wing doors there is a true Corvette cockpit, which can hold six people, original shifter and steering wheel, and genuine C6 dash.
Margot Robbie packs on the PDA as the bikini-clad beauty and beau Tom Ackerley do their best Dirty Dancing moves in St. It is constructed by hand using light weight and super strong epoxy resin Fiberglass Catamaran to increase speed and improve handling and stability, and then factory painted to the highest standard. Measuring over 25 inches long and featuring a professional large torsion propeller and water-cooled engine, this RC boat is perfect for ponds, rivers, and lakes.

It is jaw dropping good looking and has blown everything away in the water, and as fast as it looks with a race proven 2848-2636KV water-cooled brushless motor already installed. Take this fully functional reproduction of an offshore boat out to the water and watch it cruise! 90% ready to race right out of the box, all you have to do is installing servo, batteries, receiver, and transmitter to get it out cruising on the water.

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