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If you have any problems with the registration process or your account login, please contact us by clicking here. The jetcats are 9.89 hp each, not 15 hp as Jurgen claims, this from bobs mouth at jetcat, 10 hp rounded up and a max of 32k rpm output. The 5 vids that are circulating on Jurgens build support about 60-65 mph give or take 10 mph. Honestly, If I built a boat like that, I would maybe try for a top speed run once, and thats it. I guess if a guy spends that much on a boat, he feels he can lie all he wants about the speed.
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I was checking out videos of miss geico when I found the most awesome RC boat I've ever seen.
I'm into electric too- its less work and for the most part cheaper-, but if someone walked up to me and offered me a turbine powered boat i would have a hard time saying no.
Scratching my head at that comment - not sure I agree that the US is anywhere near as dedicated or committed to Electrics as the europeans have been. But it is an odd comment you have made above for the simple fact that the Geico clips are of an AMERICAN build.
Boat was not built by Geico - just a fellow modeller who wanted to show the team his model boat. Spent a weekend with the team 2 years ago where my Phil and I displayed a boat he built (and I now own).
I got stuck in the middle of an argument between AMF, myself, Jurgen and a friend in texas that disclaimed Jurgens 100 mph claim, Jurgen then stated that the gps said 100 mph moment time, i told him he was full of it.

The Geico race team is not owned by Geico - It is owned by John Haggin and sponsored by Geico. Jurgen claims the props are what get it to that speed, i told him he was full of it again while on the phone with him.
I was just checking out the PB site and noticed MG is A "Spektrum" radio now with Dynamite components.

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