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Interesting that the rudder is offset outside the propeller's stream, what effect does that have? Roger the Dodger wrote:Interesting that the rudder is offset outside the propeller's stream, what effect does that have?Yes Roger, it does look rather strange! Your use of this website constitutes acknowledgement and acceptance of our Terms & Conditions.

The radio controlled Predator 2 mosquito craft from NEWQIDA puts the excitement of offshore racing in the palm of your hand.
Barang sudah di test putaran motornya (reverse dan forward dg jumper pd pipa baling balingnya) ,dan berfungsi normal. The spoiler, rudder and turn fin all work together flawlessly to keep the boat firmly planted on the water. Its superb construction and outstanding engines and radio equipment give you an out-of-box experience on par with most anything you could build for yourself.

Designed for use on lakes or small ponds the Cyclone is as close as you can get to the adrenaline rush of real hydro racing.

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