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Location: canberra ah well i guess that makes sense, i had no idea about this, do you have an experiance or guidelines as to how deep or how heavy? So if all proportions are kept the same boats lose relative righting capacity linearly with linear dimensions. Then there is also moments analysis which scale to higher powers yet but i won't go into that right now.
As yours will be RC and the equipment is heavy (batteries) aim for 100 cM loa for a fair minimum to get good performance. Location: canberra we have some fairly devistating resitrictions which have not yet been finalised, unfortunately our LOA length is max 500mm, and we are only allowed 2 servos in the boat. 50 cM is not much for getting good performance with the extra weight of the RC gear so you're going to have to get creative to get an edge.
Location: canberra hahahaha thats not such a bad idea keep the boat in its own little humidi krib. 50cm is Very small, and not much fun to sail as that small a boat just bobs about like a cork. Location: canberra i wish our constraints allowed us to make a larger hull it would be much more convenient, unfortunately i think they have restricted the hull size as to get our own designs as it doesnt fit into any normal model yatch design. If you have some carbon fibre (which the uni won't give you) you can decrease the mean length. Location: uk There are quite a few forums on the web with detailed threads on how to build radio sailing yachts explaining how to make foam blank moulds etc. Gypsy metric info » Thread Tools Show Printable Version Email this Page Display Modes Linear Mode Switch to Hybrid Mode Switch to Threaded Mode Search this Thread Advanced Search Similar Threads Thread Thread Starter Forum Replies Last Post Ballast preference for racing yacht? When making potentially dangerous or financial decisions, always employ and consult appropriate professionals. The yacht particulars and pictures displayed above are displayed in good faith and even believed to be correct but are not guaranteed. The new Darwin Class 86 luxury yacht Percheron has a totally different layout features from the first Vitadimare 3 yacht that marked the beginning of the shipyard based in Ancona, builder of Italian leisure craft, and specifically displacement-design yachts in steel and aluminium.
These important differences testify the great flexibility in fulfill CdM’s clients needs, raising the customization of all CdM projects to quite uncommon standards for this kind of dimensions.

A voyage that is not coincidental: Cantiere delle Marche is a strong supporter of the Charles Darwin Foundation for the Galapagos Islands, an international not-for-profit organization that provides scientific research and technical information and assistance to ensure the conservation of the Galapagos Islands for future generations.
Since its founding, CdM has pledged to donate a significant amount for each boat sold, as it will happen in october, during a public ceremony in Fort Lauderdale during the boat show.
Darwin Class, as the name could suggest, are a type of vessels that heralds an advance in the evolution of a species, namely the yacht, which, although it modifies its form, keeps its DNA unchanged, maintaining all the chromosomes that allow it to satisfy its owner’s seagoing yearnings in waters anywhere in the world. CDM’s mission is to make its yachts eco-compatible: an important contribution in this sense is the option to outfit Nauta Air vessels with Azipod electric diesel engine systems developed in collaboration with the most technologically advanced companies in the shipbuilding industry. Recently, Cantiere delle Marche announced the new range “Nauta Air”, designed by Mario Pedol and Massimo Gino of Nauta Yacht Design. Comment by sailho on Von'Widmann Designs… of our latest sea trials on the motor yacht Mystique, this was a total redesign project of the entire system. Comment by john on Yacht Charter aboard the Luxury BELLE AIMEE in BurmaIts been my all time dream to sail in Burma, whether on a yacht charter or a private boat, but a holiday on this superyacht in this location would be beyond my wildest dreams i think! Comment by Relevance on Worth Avenue YachtsExcellent yacht brokerage firm by all accounts for both sales and charter. LiveYachting is a wiki type website where superyacht professionals, enthusiasts and businesses share information about luxury yachts.
This means that the keel must be very deep and the ballast ratios very high in order for it to sail in any kind of wind.
To compensate for this you would have to scale down wind speed by W^0.5 (because dynamic wind pressure is proportional to W^2) .
At 100 cM i would say 35 to 40 cM draft and ballast ratio of 80 to 85 % should allow to put up a good spread of sail. I found that they almost never broke whilst sailing, instead damage would happen by human handling. The hulls can be made of foam to keep it light, with a beam to length ratio of one I would think it would move along quite well.
I have not read much on threads but considering this forum might helped my interest in boats. Ever since its recent foundation, about 20 months ago, Cantiere delle Marche has set out to distinguish itself in terms of the contents of its vessels, focussing on top-flight quality and unique design.

Swen Lorenz, Executive Director of the Charles Darwin Foundation: “Galapagos is one of the world’s most pristine tropical archipelagos, with wildlife that attracts nature-lovers from around the globe. The yachts measure from 21 to 40 metres, and they contain features rarely seen in vessels of this size: extrathick steel plates, engines of heavy-duty dimensions, plus design and construction details normally found of ships with lengths of more than 40 metres. Thanks to these innovative, highly manoeuvrable propulsion units the yachts built by Cantiere delle Marche will lower their environmental impact, reduce their emissions and achieve a quantum leap in sailing autonomy before refuelling. A range of displacement and semi-displacement vessels with steel or aluminium hulls that measure from 80, to 96, to 105 to 115’ that combine durable substance, seaworthy performance and low fuel consumption with light, airy and contemporary design and ample, liveable volumes. We designed our Stringer system design based on the before and after results both the Capt.
128 g disp of which almost 120 g (if i remember right) was the lead bulb, sail area was fractional rig with double spreader bendy mast and looked about like what you would expect on something like, say a J27. Avoid the temptation of excessive rig aspect ratio, if you do not have surface area restrictions imposed. Exact pricing and yacht particulars and pictures will be confirmed by Croatia Yacht Charter booking department upon your request. PIERRE AND MIQUE SUDAN SURINAME SVALBARD AND JAN MAY SWAZILAND SWEDEN SWITZERLAND SYRIAN ARAB REPUBLIC TAIWAN, REPUBLIC OF TAJIKISTAN TANZANIA, UNITED REP THAILAND TOGO TOKELAU TONGA TRINIDAD AND TOBAGO TUNISIA TURKEY TURKMENISTAN TURKS AND CAICOS ISL TUVALU UGANDA UKRAINE UNITED ARAB EMIRATES UNITED KINGDOM UNITED STATES UNITED STATES MINOR URUGUAY UZBEKISTAN VANUATU VATICAN CITY STATE ( VENEZUELA VIET NAM VIRGIN ISLANDS (BRIT VIRGIN ISLANDS (U.S.
Each ship, produced in only a limited number of units, guarantees sturdy, seaworthy performance, combined with low fuel consumption and stunning volumes. Or put another way a moderate wind for a scale model represents a storm for the full sized version. To achieve these very low weights i used a sanded down (to get the taper) bamboo skewer for the mast, plastic vegetable bags for sails, thin fishing line for standing rigging, matchsticks (sanded down to almost paper thin) and yellow soft rigid insulation foam, hollowed out to about 2 to 3 mM thickness everywhere apart from important reinforcement areas and covered in a finely sanded layer of epoxy resin.

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