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I said its over 2 tone, i looked at the legal towing weight of the vehicle- its 2500kg WITH BRAKES (no specific form of them) we insured it so the insurance has no problem with the boat, trailer, motor, WEIGHT or Tow Vehicle. So tell me have you got your info from years on the water or hours on the internet?was sponsored by Atomic Lures and Shimano but they dropped me.Now sponsored by Fog Dog(The best fish coating out there) and raider lures. Well we had to act fast because he had 50 calls within 8 hours of posting it up.Theres actually nothing wrong with starting the motor, we're just inexperienced-ish. I've read over previous forums and rang up about a few numbers but no-one answered or the phone was off. Possibly run a plumb bob off each gunnel so they hang just off the ground and measure the distance between them. A few people have said it now & I have let you know in PM mate, the Mercury is going to start screaming with an alarm at the slightest raise in temp so no you will not damage it. Its scary!!!!!Na i start the motor and dad observes and signals to me to turn it off or whatever.
Mate i've got to say all the advice you are getting is good but just get a good marine mechanic to look at it. The state of New Jersey requires the registration of all boats over 12 feet in length and those with motors. Get insurance for your boat trailer, which is part of the registration process in New Jersey. Take the certificate of insurance, proof of Social Security number, driver's license or other form of identification and certificate of title to your local DMV, if the trailer weighs more than 2,500 pounds. Pay the registration fee, which will be between $30 and $40, as of November 2010, and attach the license plate and tags to your boat trailer. Brendyn wrote to me seeking any information that I might have on his 24 ' x 8' 9" boat.
I live on the Gippsland Lakes and thought she was a lakes fishing boat but lakes boats seem to be even finer than Diana.
A record for the boat created from the information that Brendyn provided is given at the bottom of this webpage. If information is published please acknowledge Mori Flapan: Register of Australian and New Zealand Ships and Boats 2013 and any other major contributors listed in References above (usually denoted by capitals).
The boat, which was built in New Orleans in 1945, is usually docked at Swan Island, which is not accessible. The day's important news, including local and national headlines, delivered every morning.
THE State Emergency Service Giru unit has taken delivery of a new $66,500 4.5m boat just in time for the wet season. Burdekin Shire Council Mayor Bill Lowis said the new boat replaced one that was more than 20 years old. The Inland Queensland Roads Action Plan identifies those areas of the state's inland road network that require upgrades.

The $75 million Northern Australian CRC unveiled in the Coalition government’s Northern Development White Paper released in June last year will be based in Townsville. A total of 1040 head were yarded at the Charters Towers store and prime sale held on April 20, comprising 560 slaughter cattle and 480 feeder types. Up-to-the-minute industry information will be available to graziers and cane growers attending the Leucaena Network conference and workshops being held in far north Queensland from May 11-14. Vegetation management, drought and live export headlined a series of AgForce meetings on Cape York Peninsula last week. Pastoralists on Cape York are being encouraged to take to social media to tell their stories in a bid to present a balanced view. Mt Garnet's race and rodeo events will be held on the same weekend this year after being held separately for two years.
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Trailer Titling & Registration - Missouri Department of RevenueTitling and Registration of Trailers.
How to Register a Trailer that is Homemade or Custom-builtFor instructions to register a homemade or custom trailer, download form VS-105 (Registration & Title for Custom (Homemade) Trailers). Registering Commercial Vehicles and PTI Trailers FFVR 27NOTE: A camp trailer or fifth-wheel trailer (depending upon maximum length, width, or size) can be registered as a trailer coach, or camp trailer. Oregon DMV Boats & Boat TrailersIf your loaded trailer weighs less than 1800 pounds, you do not have to title and register it or get a trip permit to pull it over public roads. BMV: Trailer Registration FeesTrailer Registration Transactions (Trailers classified by declared gross weight), Full Fees, Half Fees. Trailer Registration, Online Renewal ServiceThis online service allows you to renew your Maine registration for any non- excise-taxable trailer. TxDPS - CVE Farm RegistrationAn owner is not required to register a farm trailer or farm semitrailer that has a gross weight of 4000 pounds or less. Self Assessment of Single Axle Trailersregister this trailer, before proceeding to Question 3. Not that it bothers Sal much, or his wife, Donna Schaivone.“I don’t know why he wants to sell it,” Donna Schaivone said. Environmental Headlines gratefully acknowledges the continuing contribution of world-class haiku from Donna Fleischer. If you are a business with connections to the environment, let us show you how advertising on Environmental Headlines can work for your business and increase your traffic.
The hull is 1550kg, motor 250kg, trailer probably 450-550 because its aliminimum= 2300kg-2400kg with about 50L fuel and whatever gear.
I am also assuming you used water muffs to run the engine & they were connected properly with good water pressure?
We bought the biggest muffs we could find with water injection from both sides, water was going through the motor and coming out everywhere apart from the piss hole.We have a big drum that is definetly big enough and can try.But if the water pump is dead, what damage could running the motor with out water do to it?

Overides are NOT legal with 2.5 tonne.if you arent interested in doing it legal then not much point in debating it with forum!by the way what is the hull model number? With our previous 4 strokes we encountered no problems so didn't have anything to fix or know about. Boat trailers also need to be registered, and those weighing more than 2,500 pounds need to be titled.
This must include uninsured motor insurance, liability insurance and personal injury protection. My guess is that this and her profile would date the boat to the years prior to World War 1 and probably around the turn of the twentieth century. She has been on the Gippsland Lakes since at least the 1960s and it is believed she previously came from Melbourne.
Any information that could help to put together the history of the Diana would be gratefully received.Please contact Mori Flapan by email. You have 30 days from the date of purchase to title and pay sales tax on your newly purchased trailer. Everyone knows you must register a vehicle with the Department of Motor Vehicles before you can legally drive it. The listing has recently expired, but he periodically reposts it, casting his line out into a sea of buyers that, in the current economy, aren’t eager to bite. On a recent morning, she sat on a futon inside the cabin, looking out onto the sparkling water of Long Island Sound. We wouldn't totally fill up the tank, probably only 100LHamo said he has the same boat which was 2.48m wide i think?
I rang the mechanic and he said they have a Thermo heat level, so when it hits a certain temperature, then the water starts coming out. Ended up getting someone elseHow do i measure the beam at its widest because the cabins in the way?
Diana has a wide keel and Brendyn thinks that she may originally have had a centreplate, though this is yet to be confirmed. You need to register your boat and trailer if you intend to be in New Jersey for more than 180 days.
Has wide keel, believed to have originally carried a centreplate though that is yet to be confirmed.

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