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The result was the rise of the personal use truck, and in particular, the sport utility vehicle. We recently got to spend some quality time with a 2009 Chevy Tahoe LTZ and its big 6.2-lliter V8. 2008 was a horrible time to be in the business of making big trucks, with every brand getting hammered hard first as gas prices went to $4 per gallon and then during the financial collapse in the Fall. For this visit to the Autoblog Garage however, General Motors sent over a loaded LTZ model with a 6.2-liter V8 cranking out 395 horsepower at a surprisingly lofty 5,600 rpm and 417 lb-ft of torque at 4,300 rpm.
The first two rows of seats in the high-zoot LTZ version are clad in tan-colored leather, and the seats themselves have heating and cooling circuits. The second row captains chairs are also heated and flip forward to allow access to the third row.
The third row seats also don't fold flat into the floor, so maximizing rear cargo space requires completely removing the seats. How you feel about driving the Tahoe will depend on how you feel about driving in general and how you plan to use it.
The steering also lacks any noticeable free play right off center and motions of the wheel translate directly into directional changes. We didn't have an opportunity to test the towing capability during its weeklong stay, but the spec sheet lists an 8,200-pound towing capacity for the 4X4 Tahoe with the 6.2L V8 engine. Fifty-seven grand is a lot of money in these harsh economic times, so it's no surprise that sales of the Tahoe and its ilk are suffering. Autoblog accepts vehicle loans from auto manufacturers with a tank of gas and sometimes insurance for the purpose of evaluation and editorial content. Reported comments and users are reviewed by Autoblog staff 24 hours a day, seven days a week to determine whether they violate Community Guideline. There once was a time when Washington Redskins tickets were as prized in the capital as a senator's vote. USA TODAY is now using Facebook Comments on our stories and blog posts to provide an enhanced user experience.
Chevy, gmc cab rattle - automotive service professional, Chevy, gmc cab rattle silverado and gmc sierra vehicles (all with crew or extra cab) not fully engaging in the seat back mounting hook. How to remove rear seat 2015 chevy silverado crew cab, How to remove seats, center console, storage and panels in your toyota truck under seat storage - chevrolet silverado - gmc sierra double cab. Removing the front seats and trim panels-2011 sierra, Removing the front seats and trim panels-2011 sierra. How to remove the bench seat in extended cab truck, How to remove the bench seat in extended cab outward away from the back wall. Copyright © 2012 Autos Post, All trademarks are the property of the respective trademark owners. Use aqueous (water- based) foam cleaner (Leather Master™ Foam Cleaner) especially on aniline or ventilated seats. The Leatherique Prestine Clean and Leatherique Rejuvenator Oil has always been a favorite for leather care. I am considering buying a Prius 2012 C but I wonder if it is possible to remove the back seat? I would like to carry one or two bicycles in the back of the car and I need to remove the back seat completely to do so. Of course, I could buy a Prius III or a Prius V, but I want a small car because I live in a city and parking is always an issue. Note: I like to keep my bike inside the car because on week end I used also to go shopping after doing a bike ride and I cannot park inside a mall if I have a bike on the roof. The rear seat doesn't fold completely, only the vertical part fold above the bottom part, making the truck not very practical, also there are two pieces of foam, above the spear tire, that I would like to remove to take advantage of the full truck size.
If the battery is below the back seat, I wonder why Toyota decided to keep the bottom of the back seat fixed and use a piece of foam to make the trunk flat? May be I will try to rent a Prius C for a weekend allowing me to get all the measurements that I need!
I don't have a c, but I imagine the rear seat is attached with clips like everything else in a Prius interior. Does the battery get hot and Toyota did not wanted to have a fllor mat too close above the battery? Is there any vent above the floor that will be on the way or do you get a full flat surface, except above the spare tire?
Within the next week or so I will be doing my entire car in mega mat (better than dynomat stuff).
If you are still needing help at that time I can take any pictures that you need when I remove the interior from the rear of the car.

It would be great if you can document the removing steps and also describe the battery pack and air vent mechanism. He is correct - if you look at the rear seat behind the drivers seat and look at the plastic piece under the cushion you can see the vent there.
I will do my best to document the rear seat removal process for you, again, probably not until next week that I will have time, but I will try and document the whole process for people who have questions in the future. I was thinking that the back seat was covering the battery, and part of the battery was inside the seat.
In fact the battery is located well below the back seat, so I don't see any reason to have the bottom of the seat been fixed? I was going to get a Prius C but I really got cold feet when I looked at the trunk and the piece of foam.
If you pry apart the foam on the armrest and seat and look at where they connect you can see a round pin. The parts that are removed should be saved if for any reason you will need to reconnect the armrest (like you bought a *gasp* Vanagon or something). You might want to add that your procedure applies to 88-91 Adjustable Armrest equipped seats. When you add heated seats, on the 3D configurator, the seat centers change from Alcantara to perforated leather. I'm going to assume that this is a bug, as my GTS has heated seats and still came with Alcantara seat centers. Seriousl – check out the price of a bag of top soil at your local home improvement store.
It started slowly in the 1980s with the Jeep Cherokee and really picked up steam with the launch of the Ford Explorer. Follow the jump to see if this behemoth still has what it takes to charm consumers now that gas prices have ebbed.
General Motors likes to advertise that it offers more models that achieve over 30 miles-per-gallon on the highway than any other automaker, but with all of that power on tap, this Tahoe is understandably not one of them. Its overall proportions with its short overhangs and tidy detailing give a handsome impression.
During our time with the Tahoe, overnight temperatures here in southeast Michigan dipped low into the single digits. That's accomplished by pulling up a lever and then grabbing the handle and pulling the whole seat back and out.
Anyone who prefers a sporting drive will be disappointed with the Tahoe, or any other similar SUV for that matter.
The 4WD LTZ starts at $50,900 and ours had an out-the-door bottom line of $57,335 delivered. For many people who don't often have a use for such vehicles, a truck or SUV is a great thing to borrow from a friend. Like most of the auto news industry, we also sometimes accept travel, lodging and event access for vehicle drive and news coverage opportunities. Accounts are penalized for Community Guidelines violations and serious or repeated violations can lead to account termination. But that also was when the team regularly reached the playoffs, a trip the Redskins have managed only three times in the last 19 seasons.With that decline on the field, there also naturally have been fewer fans lining up for tickets. Oil combines with little bits of dust and dirt, acting like a fine sand paper that wears down the protective coating on your seats as passengers get in and out of your car. Foam encapsulates the dirt so that it can then be wiped away; allow the foam to dwell to ensure the chemicals have time to work. It may not display this or other websites correctly.You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. Also using a bike rack on the bumper or the trunk door makes parking in the street difficult, exposes the bike to be damaged by other cars, or been vandalized and have some components been stolen, also I cannot anymore open and use the trunk.
You just yank it up firmly, the clips may break, so buy a few extras if you intend to put the seat back in at some point. The material comes in on Friday, but I work 30 hours every weekend so it will probably be weeknights next week. So the outside armrest needs to be removed from the seats to allow use in a bay window bus.
I know they need to do this for ventilated seats, but there is no option for seat ventilation in the GT4. With such low fuel prices, the cost of operating a motor vehicle was really not much of an issue for most Americans. As the Nineties wore on, people moved into even bigger full-size SUVs and the Chevy Tahoe was among the most successful up until the last few years.

Even at that level, the Tahoe was still the best-selling full-size SUV in America by a wide margin. Compared to the now euthanized Trailblazer EXT, the Tahoe doesn't look as top-heavy and clumsy.
For those who like the whole command seating approach where you can see over traffic, at least the traffic that isn't driving a Tahoe or something similar, this thing fits the bill. Fortunately, the Tahoe was equipped with a remote starter on the key fob allowing the SUV to be started from the comfort of the author's home. Because the Tahoe has a live rear axle, the rear floor has to be fairly high to allow clearance for the motion of the differential. With the third row seat removed and the middle row folded forward, we were able to load an old sectional sofa in the back to haul it to the local reuse center. The nearly 400-hp V8 provides plenty of grunt and moves the 5,500-lb Tahoe without breathing hard. Based on our past towing experience with GM trucks, we have no reason to doubt those numbers.
During our week with the Tahoe, it managed a mere 12.4 mpg, a figure certainly not helped by the chilly temperatures. That includes the $4,790 Sun, Entertainment and Destination package, which will guide you to where you want to go with the in-dash nav system and keep the munchkins entertained with the rear seat DVD system, among other items. Others, however, have a real need for vehicles like the Tahoe that can tow and haul more people and cargo than a passenger car or a comparably-sized crossover. I would like to design some kind of hinges to fold the back seat against the back of the front seats.
As a result, the only cost that concerned Americans when buying a vehicle was the monthly payment. Among those were several thousand hybrid models as they became widely available for the first time. At the front, there's no doubt that this is a contemporary Chevrolet thanks to the dual port grille. The test unit we drove also had optional 20-inch chromed wheels that fill out the wheel wells. One particularly handy feature given the frigid morning weather was that the remote start also triggered the seat heaters, preventing a frozen bottom upon hitting the cold leather.
Since the third row seats sit on the floor, occupants end up in a knees-up seating position that isn't particularly comfortable for adults.
Of course, we had to do it one section at a time, but nonetheless, it's a task we couldn't have accomplished with in a passenger car. Warmer temps and a light throttle foot could probably bring that number up to 15-16 in combined driving.
That follows a 2010 reduction from 91,000 to about 83,000.Those renovations removed seats from end-zone areas and upper decks. Just let me know specifically what you are looking for, I can not imagine it is going to be too difficult, I have yet to find a vehicle that has been. Unlike the hybrid, this one doesn't have the deep front air dam and at least looks like it could handle crawling over some boulders without getting into too much trouble.
Those who really want to utilize the third row would be better off opting for the longer wheelbase Suburban.
The pedal still feels a bit over-boosted, but the brakes are fairly easy to modulate and there doesn't seem to be the six inches of free play that older models exhibit.
Its four-wheel drive system allows it to plow right through several inches of fresh powder with a reassuring sure-footedness. For 2009, the 6.2L engine also has flex-fuel capability, so highly subsidized corn-based fuel becomes an option if you have an E85 pump in the neighborhood.
Those who need the space and utility but want better fuel economy can also go for the two-mode hybrid model. This one will make room for an upper level "party deck" and renovation of some suites.Attendance figures might grow if the party deck draws and if the team offers standing-room tickets, according to the Post. The ABS, traction and stability control systems work together smoothly without feeling overly intrusive.
Of course, all of the aforementioned prices border on the hypothetical since the Tahoe and its siblings are loaded down with incentives these days.
So if you're the person who really needs what the Tahoe has to offer, now may be the best time to buy.

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