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For over 100 years we offer many services to all lovers of Lake Garda, keeping the tradition and the experience that has always distinguished us.
Nautica Guini inherits the history of Guarnati Shipyard, which has been in business in Bardolino, from the twenties to late nineties when the building was sold and was converted into a hotel.
Into Guarnati yard was built in 1925 the San Nicolo boat, the oldest ship still sailing on Lake Garda, is now owned by the company Europlan that makes tour on the Lake. Repair wooden boats, fiberglass boat repair, painting, polishing, antifouling, upholstery, engine maintenance, electrical maintenance, boat accessories, on-board equipment, used occasions, storage, recovery and towing boats, buoy berths. Construction of fixed docks, supply and anchor floating docks, cleaning and reclamation of the seabed, dredging, underwater pipeline laying, laying buoys, delimitation bathing areas, construction artificial reefs, laying buoys for mooring boats, carrying catenary mooring for boats, service transport of things by water, towing service by water, towing service and anchoring platforms for fireworks. Motorboats in lease or rental without a license, motor boats in the lease or rental with driver's license, mini cruises, boat tours, fast transfers by boat, water taxi, private parties and events on the boat, sundowner boat on Lake Garda, wedding by boat on Lake Garda.
I love Lake GrapevineWelcome to the most comprehensive Lake Grapevine website you will find anywhere. The Mega Cat is equipped with a two-story tube slide, 15 person hot tub, topside bar, a third level sundeck and an awesome stereo with Sirius satellite radio. Preparing meals is a pleasure in the gourmet galley with stainless steel appliances including TWO refrigerators, dishwasher, ice maker, microwave and oven.

Lake Cumberland Boat, Houseboat, and Watercraft Rentals in Kentucky from The State Dock located in Jamestown, KY. For additional information you can view this item at Lake Cumberland State Dock or you can use the contact form below. Call the number above or fill out the contact form below for additional questions, availability, and detailed pricing. This versataile boat has has five private staterooms and the new sectional sofa also converts to a bed. The 400 is powered by a new Honda engine while the diesel generator provides power for air conditioning and appliances without the danger of carbon monoxide.
The huge salon features a double sectional sofa and a 42" widescreen TV with a satellite tracking system. The guys might even pitch in with the cooking on the oversized built-in stainless steel grill on the top deck!
This incredible boat features a catamaran hull exclusive to State Dock which ensures easy cruising, straight tracking and increased speed. The galley is equipped with a standard size smooth top range, microwave and large refrigerator.

Topside you'll find an operational flybridge, 8 person hot tub and a waterslide plus four loungers for soaking up the sun. Two diesel engines make handling easier in tight places and our captains will give you the training you need for carefree cruising. It recently received a major face lift with all new natural maple paneling, cabinetry, appliances and electronics nearly transforming it into a new boat! Whether you stay a night or a week, you will enjoy a unique getaway for two or for the entire family! Designed to accommodate large groups in style, and provide an atmosphere of fun for all ages.

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