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Sunseeker Yacht Rentals in MiamiFrom autumn 2011, Florema company offers luxurious Sunseeker Predator yacht rentals in Miami. The yacht got its start in Wisconsin, when Debra Dawson bought it and brought it to Florida. The boat is like a floating city, not too far off from the Seasteading Institute's projects. A series of new interior renderings have been released for Zaha Hadid's One Thousand Museum condominium, the architect’s first residential skyscraper in the Western Hemisphere. FR-EE revealed renderings of the planned Latin American Art Miami (LAAM) museum during Art Basel and Design Week in Miami yesterday. Perhaps no other American city has seen its image transform into a contemporary design center quite like Miami. Earlier this morning, Miami kicked off the annual international arts festival Art Basel Miami, drawing thousands of artists, designers, and enthusiasts to the city's warm beaches and thriving nightlife.
While international law still applies to the barge, it allows its users to get away from some of the other oversights that might apply on land. The images reveal plush, futuristic residences, each one packed with high-end appliances, designer lighting fixtures and premium finishes. Designed by Fernando Romero, the firm’s founder and director, the 92,000-square-foot cultural structure is a series of four asymmetrical stories, curving rooflines, and outdoor terraces, in white.

It holds up to 375 people who can enjoy the three large bars, DJ booth, cabana beds, palms, dance floor, air-conditioned dining room, and upper deck with faux grass and sandy beach flooring.
They even have their own catering and service staff that can sustain the barge in the case of a global flood! Luxury kitchen products by Dornbracht, Sub-Zero and Gaggenau are complemented by bespoke cabinetry by Poliform, while a cool, minimal illumination concept has been designed by contemporary lighting experts Apure.
The museum will specialize in modern and contemporary Latin American art from the private collection of owner Gary Nader.
However, David Beckham—yes, the ravishing, leggy professional soccer player and husband to Victoria—thinks Miami needs one more landmark to complete its architectural roster: a Major League Soccer stadium, of course!
To have the quickest access to their nautical getaways, some boat owners hire architects to design storage facilities into their houses. You can rent this bad boy and host an event in a tiki village that floats from Miami to West Palm.
The Floating Library pop-up is a mobile public space that will be located on the historic Lilac Museum Steamship berthed at Pier 25 on the Hudson River in New York City.
And, while typical boathouses resemble nothing more than a utilitarian garage, the following sleek boathouses-within-houses combine the best of contemporary residential and functional design. The project will attempt to reclaim a slice of the water for the public, in an experiment about how we divide up our collective space into privileged, private, public, institutional, and intellectual places.

State-of-the-art home automation infrastructure will be integrated by Creston, and custom olfactory scenting options by 12.29, inspired by ZHA’s architectural vision. Close-set piloti with glass between them create slatted walls for natural light in the galleries.
A central circulation core will maintain climate-controlled spaces in the Florida humidity. Materials produced through performances and participatory art installations will be donated to high schools in need at the end of the project. The first floor will house works by emerging artists, while the second is for temporary exhibitions.
Other initiatives include a Listening Room with work by six sound artists, and art installations by visually-oriented creatives.

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