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Originally Posted By: Okie Poke My boat has also passed for a wakeboard boat this summer !!!!! I have had 1 Bass Tracker, 3 Hydra Sports, 3 Tritons, and 6 Skeeters; all new and tournament ready. The bungy cord is used so it does not scratch your rods and reels up like the buckle system does.
Originally Posted By: graysonhuntndrThe bungy cord is used so it does not scratch your rods and reels up like the buckle system does. Towable Tubes Buyers Guide Watersports Responsibility Code WindStorm Semi-Custom Boat Covers What’s the Difference Between an Aqua Jump® Eclipse™ Water Trampoline and a Bongo™ Bouncer?
I think the backrest is by Taco Marine; they have the same pointy fittings and slip into pole holder tubes.
The bottom can be easily made of Starboard--and then you can have any upholstery shop make the bottom cushion to fit.
Radial tires are composed of a single layer of rubber-coated steel cables with more steel belts placed at the crown of the tire.

I had two Skeeters and 2 Rangers, then I bought my Bass Cat, and more than likely Bass Cat will be my brand of choice from now on. Also with it being smaller diameter than the buckle system you can fit more rods and reels on the front deck. Croix Euro style bench seats (I have one in my shed) on my motor well (where some people have a cooler). It is easier to have a couple of folding patio chairs that can be moved around or stowed as necessary. It looks like a large piece of cutting board material, cut to shape and permanently screwed to the transom, makes the base. That said, I would never say anything bad about either a Skeeter or Ranger, they just don't ride like the Cats.
Folding jump seats in each aft corner of the cockpit might work ok if they are small enough when stowed.
Then the cushion is like the kind you can buy for coolers, notice the flap that snaps on the front.

You could put a bench seat in the cockpit (so it would be lower) but I thought that would take up too much room in the cockpit of my 22 Cruiser. The rubber shrinks and expands with hot and cold weather, therefore both options has its plus and minus. Notice wide carpeted area for passenger rods to lay on.Cup holders ? Notice in both pictures below where they are located.
Front and Rear Deck ? Notice how on some boats (Triton comes to mind), have the cockpit moved more forward (shortening the front deck) and thus giving the rear deck a lot of room.
Also, when you ride a Skeeter, you will notice the initial impact of a wave hitting is at the front of your feet while in other brands the impact seems to come right underneath your butt where you are sitting and then the impact travels up your spine?ouch! Doesn?t help with fishing but does with resale value.?While idling slow, boat doesn?t seem to want to turn as easily.?The bungee rod straps break all the time!!!

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