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A great way to buy new and used pontoon boats and other boats at a price so low it almost doesn’t make sense is to buy Repo Boats at a Boat Auction.
What this means is that when someone can’t pay for something or do something illegal, various items can be seized or “Repossessed” and sold at local government auctions. Find New & Used Repo Boats up to 90% off the retail value with our Repo Boat Auction database! Repossessed Boats For Sale – By going through an auction directory, you can see the listing price of the boat before you go to the auction. Buying direct from the sources such as government and surplus boat auctions give you the opportunity to save a considerable amount of money. Find Seized Boats of all Makes & Models at huge discounted prices with bids starting as low as $100!
In March I decided to go ahead and take this rig to my outboard mechanic to have it checked out. I saw your comment about the bow anchor after posting, just keyed in on the drawing comment initially. If you manage this site and have a question about why the site is not available, please contact us directly. These Repo Boats often times get a seventy-five to ninety percent discount and are priced to sell at Boat Auctions.
The constant exchange of these boats and the enormous expense to store them, forces them to sell these boats at guaranteed rock bottom prices for you!
The plywood deck seems solid, but will make the replacement decision after stripping the old carpet. It"s either do that or start her on muffs every 2-3 weeks and let her run for 5-10 mminutes.
I did see a reference to a drawing program the other day so I have been doing a little piddling with a sketch of what we plan on doing with the 24 foot Landau.

The width of the starboard horseshoe access will be reduced by the rod storage box, plus we want the tad of privacy that is afforded by the bench seating in front of the port horseshoe which will house the potty. Neither of us has the best balance in the world and I could see one of us falling overboard trying to keep the other one from doing it. It is a 1996 (if memory serves me right) 24 foot Landau with a tandem axel bunk style trailer. He replaced the power pack, cleaned the carbs, checked out everything else, and took her for a test run on the lake. Easy way to tell what year it is, is to look at the HIN plate and see what the last 2 numbers are and that"s the year.
Didn"t know about the forum or what pics might need to be taken do put on a thread - didn"t even know what a thread was, except something to hold a button on. They recommend them around here for the ethanol although the one on my ocean boat was causing fuel flow problems.
Hard to control a toon as they seem to catch alot of wind and I find that one is needed at both the front and back on many occasions. I feel it"s best to put the fuel tank on the opposite side as the helm that way it balances the boat out when there is only one on board. He told me that if I was happy with the way it ran before, I would be thrilled with it now. I had a pretty good idea what I wanted in a pontoon boat and a lot of those ideas have been confirmed on here.
We will be modifying the bow rails to provide an unobstructed fishing area with good seats at the front.
We don"t get over to the civilized side of the lake too often, but that may change once we get the "new ride" up and going for real.
If you do put in a larger fuel tank it is usually not full, so you can factor that in as well.

The 55 didn"t run, but I had a 1978 70 hp Evinrude on an old Terry boat I had given to my son.
Several little conflicts have kept me from working on this project all summer (she ain"t even been wet except for a rain shower or two), but that"s about to change. I see you say new furniture but looks like new carpet is probably needed (get extra to recover any storage boxes). A second electric anchor will sit on the starboard side of the bow and the trolling motor goes on the same side near the center.
The horseshoe areas will also be modified and enclosed to some extent to house fuel, potty, and additional storage. It will be offset enough to allow for one of the under deck boarding ladders to be installed. We will fish both day and night, so it needs to be comfortable enough to make all night trips.
I"m still working on a design for horizontal rod storage between the starboard rail and the helm and rearward.
Low speed side of both were completely stopped up with what was left behind when that good old ethanol we have to burn today evaporated from the bowls. Two batteries go under the engine cover, which is hinged at the front and will serve as a table for a propane stove or grill, and a third battery will be under the console. 90% of usage will be just the two of us - seldom over 4 adults and a couple of small grandkids.

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