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Location: Thames Valley, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland Do some boats have a cabin but no sole or floors?
However I have now seen some respected designs for microcruising boats that have no sole or flooring. Second Sven Yrvind of Sweden's latest boat which he has just sailed from Ireland to Madiera.
Location: Thames Valley, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland They don't walk on the inside of the bottom planking because there is no standing headroom, they can only sit. Location: Thames Valley, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland Thanks for the useful comments. It would seem that the rocker combined with the bend in side panels stops the boat flexing around as much as a cuboid shaped hull and gives it more external strength. But the 2" thick foam core sandwich construction will enable the hull to take more point loads from the inside (as well as increasing strength for external point loads and overall stiffness). It's amazing how the Enigma 360 can take the loads on the inside, having only a 9mm plywood bottom with no added support. Location: NW Washington State USA That would be a problem only on a very light boat.
Location: WNY Floors on traditionally built watercraft also tied the frames and keel together.
Location: Iowa Most (not all but most) of the boats that don't have floors have other structure filleted in (bulkheads, bunks, lockers etc) that reduce the amount of open area (span) that carries the load.
Originally Posted by DCockey Some of Phil Bolger's designs use the inside of the bottom as the sole.
Location: Eustis, FL Lister, Bolger was one of the greats, with nearly 700 designs to his credit. It's difficult to second guess the engineering approach a designer may have incorporated into a particular project. Lastly, the old builder that told you that walking on the planks was wrong, is correct, sometimes.
Location: USA It seems that one is sitting in the bilge, so the least bit of H2O and your pants are wet and your sleeping bag. But if your boat is tiny, eliminating all but the absolutely necessary is kind of like an ultralight airplane in that you leave everything off but what you really need, and some boats don't need floor timbers or a sole, but most benefit from them. Building a small work barge with plywood » Thread Tools Show Printable Version Email this Page Display Modes Linear Mode Switch to Hybrid Mode Switch to Threaded Mode Search this Thread Advanced Search Similar Threads Thread Thread Starter Forum Replies Last Post Cabin Sole as a structural member? When making potentially dangerous or financial decisions, always employ and consult appropriate professionals.
I raced a S2 Grand Slam 7.9 against a Lindenberg 26 quite a lot and can say that it is a good boat. There is a 30 something boat with considerable beam under construction locally that has only 4' headroom and a big CB trunk down the middle.
Coachroof is a bit raised deck like you cant say it has barely anything called cabin sides.. Location: Duluth, Minnesota A doghouse is what we now call a hard dodger, basically covering the companionway hatch and forward part of the cockpit, just like a folding dodger. Location: Oriental, NC Any attempted definition of these terms runs into opinion and local usage. A poptop is a portion of the house that usually raises up evenly but sometimes only the aft end raises. Location: Oriental, NC They are both good boats with equal PHRF ratings Paul, but there are so many significant differences that making a choice for a given use should be simple. Originally Posted by tom28571 Once in the Florida Keys, we left the Catalina 22 poptop up Checked 22 25 250 and other poptops and found a variety in brand, size, systems, weight and more. Location: Oriental, NC The Catalina 22 is the most numerous small cruising sailboat on the planet and always available for sale or easy to sell.
The best photos, vectors, illustrations, video templates from creative professional designers. Stock Photo - Stock Photo - PhotoDune Luxurious Rustic Log Cabin Bedroom 274952 Luxurious Rustic Log Cabin Bedroom in a Rural Setting.
Stock Photo - Stock Photo - PhotoDune Rustic Cabin Kitchen 297508 Luxurious Rustic Fully Equipped Log Cabin Kitchen. Stock Photo - Stock Photo - PhotoDune Delivery minitruck with white cabin and blue trailer 1305605 yellow delivery truck outdoor on the highway over blue cloudy sky. 3D Models, After Effects Projects, Cinema 4D Templates, Graphics, Vectors, Stock Images, Site Templates, Tutorial and Much More. Location: Juneau, Alaska Recommended Cabin Cruiser Plans I'm looking at getting a mid-20 ft cabin cruiser next year, and I wanted to hear opinions about designs that people like. Is there a designer or set of plans that I should be looking at besides Tolman and Bartender?
Originally Posted by Claus Riepe We had a discussion about 'Form Follows Function' and one guy said that that is no good with boats. Other people may have upwind sailing speed and around-the-buoys performance as a functional priority.

A junk-rigged, proportionately large stern cabin boat (especially at the modest size you are proposing) would be eye-catching and unique.
The one thing you have to be careful about is making sure that satisfying one functional requirement does not affect other things too much.
Location: Milwaukee, WI Form may follow function, but you can't compare ancient boats that only went down wind with a modern cruiser. I'm sure the mushy 25 yo opti would make a good account of itself going to windward, compared to my proposal. I do agree the high cabin would compromise winward performance, but I don't think it would destroy it.
My post was an attempt to try to get the original poster to balance his desires with practical considerations. Performance is a consideration that becomes important when things are going wrong, not when you are dreaming about anchoring out your lovingly assembled future boat at your desk while faking work. I'm interested in his ideas because I too am looking at the small homebuilt cruising segment for future builds.
My desires are to put a removable hardtop cabin roof over the stern of an existing 20" super performing open daysailer to convert that boat into a temporary minimalist cruiser, if and when that boat is to be used as a weeksailer.
My only concerns were the aesthetics of a stern structure, but this discussion here has quite allayed my concerns. I was once on a boat bought by some friends that did not have the best windward performance capability.
We took the boat out and I talked them into sailing around a small island on the lake, just to show them that, with enough patience, they could go anywhere they wanted under sail with that boat. The original design was a Calkins 50' sloop, which is a canoe stern, aft cockpit motorsailor. Richard rickinnocal View Public Profile View rickinnocal's Gallery Find all posts by rickinnocal Page 4 of 4 < 123 4 « Lifting Keel - NACA #'s ?
Location: Iowa Sub 20' pocket cruising (cabin) sailboats I would like to start a thread to collect information related to the subject line.
Trailerable as in it resides on a trailer ready to go rather than only able to be moved a couple of times a year to and from a mooring.
Looking to discuss interior layouts, trailering issues, performance issues rigging and derigging, Pros and cons of just about everything that you might bump into with this size of boat. Upwind ability vs other considerations such as grounding (deliberate or not), maintenance issues of various bottom configurations, all the multitude of rigs available and possible. That's a lot of stuff to start with but filtering it with the restriction of less than 20 ft will sort out some of it. Pictures of work-arounds or neat solutions to various problems or issues are especially welcome. I'm reminded of something I believe Phil Bolger said: that the ideal boat is either big enough to live aboard, or small enough to carry home.
Location: maine There are many many designs to meet the qualifications but only some are both comfortable and perform decently. The Bolger 19 ft Micro is actually pretty close to ideal if you can get past the strange bow, squareness, etc.. Plywood construction allows light weight with open interior spaces except for bulkheads, Epoxy makes plywood as practical as fiberglass so my feeling is that a plywood design is right up there in terms of major plusses. I sail a 16ft racing catamaran, but to have a family boat I bought a Jeanneau Microsail, not quite 18ft long, 600kg lifting keel trailer sailor. We've had from 3 aboard (2 adults 1 kid) to 7 - 4 adults, with 3 kids playing pirates down below, popping up through the forehatch. Lifting keel means we 'anchor' stern to shore in ankle-deep water and walk to the ablution facilities at the yacht club. We have a 'Cobb' portable bbq cooker on board and do a decent roast chicken in the thing, out in the cockpit. The only thing I dislike about it is winding the keel up when coming ashore, it's quite a bit of work. Location: Cocoa Beach, Florida Pocket cruiser This is an 18 footer I designed in 1974 and 88 of them were produced by Thomson Sail craft. Location: Cocoa Beach, Florida Cacker 15 Here is a 15 footer found on SA-absolutely amazing and seems very well done.
Originally Posted by Doug Lord This is an 18 footer I designed in 1974 and 88 of them were produced by Thomson Sail craft. Possible explanations: they gain extra rigidity from the convex shape of the planking, and they all have some rocker Yes, some rocker will make any flat surface stiffer. Unfortunately, he's mostly known for his eclectic nature and square, common man's designs, which is sad really, considering the volume and scope of his work. If you have a relatively small, traditionally built lapstrake or carvel, you should try to keep you feet on the frames or stringers.
I have several designs just like this and the additional loads this imposes was considered in the scantlings, during design development. I have a design that Eric is familiar with, that has the crew walking directly on the bottom planks.

Bundling designers into a lump, because they don't meet his expectations, is a rather narrow minded, if absurd view and should be taken with a grain of old salt. A coachroof is the cabintop and a poptop is a large section of the cabintop which lifts up enough to give you headroom at anchor while retaining a lower profile with it down while sailing. Draw Fotos Del Autobus De Londres Y La Cabin Y El Bigben desigen style in PhotoShop, Illustrator, Corel DRAW. After all, it has a much more efficient dagger board and it has 65% movable ballast (the 11 year old ), but so would a Hobie Cat (r) that can't point nearly as high. The shrouds were so loose, due to their minimal back set and hull flexing, that the lee shroud hung loose in any kind of a wind. My newly purchased boat is a modification of an earlier design, specifically modified to add the stern cabin. These are boats designed for one or two people to easily trailer, setup, sail for periods of time of generally a couple of days to a couple of weeks.
I would like to hear the worst of the problems of this category of boats and see and hear about the solutions people have come up with to address them. The one exception is when torturing the ply and that is done during construction using very thin materials. These planks weren't intended to bear weight in this fashion and you could easily pop fasteners, if not actually crack a plank.
The boat is a rock under foot, underway or at rest and this was my intention when I drew it up. Full details of Fotos Del Autobus De Londres Y La Cabin Y El Bigben for digital design and education. It may have taken a dozen tacks to do it, but we got through that channel which was no more than two boat lengths wide.
Or it would have had to be retracted far enough to make it no more effective, or even less effective than the tiny board that boat had.
This, along with shortening the cockpit by 2', allowed for the addition of a stern cabin with a double bunk each side.
I would like to catalog the various designs that are out there and discuss the merits of each along with an anecdotal observations and recommendations as to what creature comforts should be included or excluded. Tips on line routing, leveraging (blocks and tackles, winches etc) and the pros and cons of use and maintenance. I would prefer to keep this sub 20 ft however if a solution to an issue has been applied to something slightly larger that is fine here. I am hoping to learn all about them in the coming responses that I am also hoping will come pouring in. Floors are mostly to keep your feet dry or to provide a flat surface to stand on or (usually) both. An 18' powerboat cruiser with a cuddy, may just have enough internal volume, particularity if it's round or V bottomed, to warrant a sole. On the other hand, this type of build would likely have some sort of sole, be this a simple grating or slates over the frames or a full blown sole.
Ive noticed a lot of folk reffering to everything above the sheerline as the topsided where ive always considered the area of hull between the waterline and sheerline as the topsides.
It must have served it's purpose better than the forward cabin, otherwise it would have been weeded out long ago.
It also usually means taller, more complicated rigs that need more expensive hardware to make stand properly, as well as noodly masts which are almost impossible to step with out help, in some cases, and without a crane in others. I have perused various threads but there hasn't been an all inclusive one for all the designs out there.
I really am not interested in the "just go longer or here's one that is perfect at 25 ft or other comments along those lines. I have a preference for building my own but I have no problems with commercially available stuff.
However, no direct free download link of Fotos Del Autobus De Londres Y La Cabin Y El Bigben placed here! Standing headroom in the pilothouse, including the head, so you don't have to squat to pee.
Hot hatches, small SUV's (Tracker, Vitara, Rav4, Samurai (have one) etc) and of course small boats that require less money, space, effort, etc. V berth forward, with sitting headroom, galley and settee to starboard, helm, nav station and head to port. I don't know if they are available other than in Oz but I am sure there are similar ones if not exactly the same.

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