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Chris, my only thought is that its a beautiful boat and if I lived where it made sense to have a sharpie that is probably the one I'd go for.
Seeing what the boat will look like in real life is an ENORMOUS advantage when trying to select a boat plan! Lancer had apparently bought the rights to use the C&C hull designs, so her pedigree is solid. The double leaf folding salon table is quite large, with plenty of room for 4 people and a big dinner serving. She has a separate bathroom with toilet, sink and tap, with a holding tank waste management system. Location: USA modeling full keel hulls Just wondering what the general consensus is for modeling full keel or modified keel hulls.
Is it best to model them separate and join them or ad several rows of points to a round hull? Location: Australia It depends why you are modeling it and if it is to be built, what material is intended.

Either producing the hull and keel separately and then fairing or producing the entire hull keel as one is valid but depends on your skill level with the software. Location: uk Its this question that made me find this site a few years ago trying to work out how todo it. When making potentially dangerous or financial decisions, always employ and consult appropriate professionals. To get WoodenBoat delivered to your door or computer, mobile device of choice, etc, click WB Subscriptions.
An almost dead flat bottom that sacrafices extreme shoal draft to hang what I assume to be a ballast keel but also keeps the low cabin free of a big centerboard trunk. A partitioned off area for a WC and a hanging closet and the berth is separate from the general sitting area.
Some you can do with just two surfaces, hull and transom, sometimes three, hull, sternpost and transom. No doubt someone will come along and tell you should build Brewer's Mystic at four feet longer, or one of the many versions of Egret (Oughtred, Parker, et al) or simply to express an irrational hatred of Glen-L, but Chessie Flyer is still one of the most nicely drawn of its type.

No pesky centerboard to get in the way and I can deal with 2 ft draft into any of my local reservoirs OK.
In this case I would use two surfaces joined at about the third diagonal for the hull and keel because of the overhang at the stern, and a transom surface. Flyer seems about right, just wondered if there was a down side and then there is that Glen-L taboo thing.
The rudder cut out makes that area a bit more problematic and I would most likely cut and trim that area after fairing the hull.
I can't think of any other boats that fit the bill, I like the layout, the draft and the split rig.

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