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Actual Location: Marco Island, FLThe Pearson P35 sloop is an affordable sailboat that will take you anywhere. Wanting to visit the islands, a mere 80 miles north of Key West, a one day trip for most boats, gets you to the islands with ease. Experienced boat owners and buyers know that the greatest opportunities to buy used yachts for sale are frequently found in South Florida; we have more boat than any other state. From our perception, no other activity comes near to the pleasure derived from enjoying life on the water. Whether a skilled yachtsman or a first-time buyer, our hands-on know-how and market familiarity for all types of yachts including, motor yachts, sports fishermen, sailboats or trawlers will be a priceless resource. Please check out our database of used yachts for sale and contact us so that we can help you today!
If you are considering living aboard or doing some extended cruising, Mike can help guide you to your dreams.

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Over the years I have dealt with many brokers; mostly the kind that are there for the quick deal and then on their way. We are found near Marco Island, Florida… a chief hub in the yachting market and home-base of world-class yachting services and tropical destinations.
Owning a private cruising vessel allows one the independence to move about the world in ways few can envision.
Our objective is to help make your yachting completely enjoyable and a significant event of your life. Although a Florida native from Cocoa Beach, he grew up along the Outer Banks of North Carolina.
We want to thank you ever so much for all that you have done for us, this week has been a whirl wind, an education and learning process and fun.

This is what makes this region appealing to the fortunate people who have the occasion to enjoy yachting. Picture our unique island and blue water destinations, adventure opportunities and excellent family time that nearly all people can only dream of. Paradise Yachts offers new-to-boating customers hands-on instruction aboard Mike and Mary's trawler to those that feel they need it prior to their purchase. We're dealing with health challenges along with job relocation so must let her go to a good home.

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