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Location: Portugal Finally I was able to find the proper magazines and had time to scan the data on the Swan boats. I have suggested these two boats to you, because I believe that the Swan46 is a more seaworthy and stable boat than the swan 45 (even if this one is a very seaworthy one).
The GZ curves of both boats are great, among the best in their categories, but the much superior displacement of the Swan 46 will give it a bigger RM curve.
Originally Posted by Guillermo The FDS is calculated using the positive area under the righting arm curve, up to the Avs in this case (as Afl>Avs).
This way, displacement is not considered and what enters the calculations instead is the Length of the boat. Location: Pontevedra, Spain Thanks a lot for the curves, Paulo, although I thought we were talking about the 44 and the 45, not 45 and 46. As I told before, to calculate some of the STIX factors the stability curves input info are taken from the GZ curve, not the RM one. As you correctly point out, it's surprising the so-called Dynamic Stability factor seems to take not into consideration the righting moments, as dynamic stability is related to the amount of energy available, thus the area under the righting moments curve. I would like to add that Working Group 22 (STIX parent group) analized a list of Category 1 sailing boats models, known for not having had stability problems through their lives, and they developed a limiting RM-Loa data curve, so the symplistic FDS formula probably was derived from there or the like.
Location: Pontevedra, Spain At last a designer publicising the whole STIX factors!
About those explanations about the FDS, I have my doubts, and if you compare the RM stability curves of the Swan 45 and 46 and compare them with the STIX of those boats, you are going to see what I mean.
About the boats you have posted, the Huzar 30 seems to be a very nice boat, with an Impressive Gz curve. About the AVS and the size of the boat I consider that the MCA guys have the right policies: Smaller the boat, the bigger should be the AVS (because small boats withstand more risk of capsizing than bigger boats). And now, let's see her ratios and STIX based on those numbers (Measurements have been taken directly from the boat. The basic problem to fulfill the A category requirements, from the hull forms point of view, is that the very narrow aft sections and relatively low freeboard of the hull (compared to modern ones) provide relatively little buoyancy when heeled, so the downflooding angle (to the upper corner of the companionway) remains low. From my point of view, the seakindliness should not only consider keeping low all six possible accelerations induced by the sea, as to increase comfort of the crew and avoid damage to the equipment, but also, and most important, the damping of rolling movements and the minimizing of broaching tendency, back from the design stage, which are vital for seaworthiness in rough seas.
Location: North Of Lake Ontario Excellent Document About page 20 of the document is data for the etap 21i.
To say which one is the definitive STIX for a boat, calculations have to be done for the Minimum Operating Condition (MOC) and Full Load Condition (FLC), at least, and choose the lowest of the two values. Because of this kind of misleading info, some contradictory data and the lacking of a lot of basic info for many boats, I think this RYA list has to be taken with great care. Location: Pontevedra, Spain Another interesting comparison If you have a look at Contessa 32 and Etap 32S at RYA list, you'll find their STIX numbers as being 33 and 36.
If we took from the Etap 32's STIX the effect of the 5 points given by its delta parameter (because of the floatation chambers I asume it has), figure comes down to a mere 30.7, so not reaching category A requirements. On the flotability issue, I agree with you that floatation ability is an important safety one, but I would not use it to influence the STIX number in itself.
Location: Portugal Most people would think that by buying a more voluminous and apparently heavier cruising boat will have a safer boat than the sleek cruiser-racer from the same manufacturer. I would look to the AS39 for comfort info, although I think it has a ballasted center board.
Originally Posted by BriggsMonteith This boat is othing like a bolger as series or norwalk island sharpie, simply because the HFM displaces over 30,000 lbs Nice that you have some info , do you have any more? Location: Choctaw Beach, Florida All of this stuff was passed on to me by a someone who has been very generous with his time and information. The boat has standing headroom throughout and is designed to go anywhere that water is in a liquid state to the best of my knowledge. Originally Posted by BriggsMonteith This boat is othing like a bolger as series or norwalk island sharpie, simply because the HFM displaces over 30,000 lbs There is the Norwalk Island 43 that is similar in that it is blue water capable and can ground upright on a center keel (with CB) and twin rudder skegs. Location: usa Briggs , is Chris going to make the plans available any time ? Location: Choctaw Beach, Florida Well he's been AWOL for a couple of years now, so I don't know.
Location: usa Thanks again , I have been interested in his sharpie designs for a while. When making potentially dangerous or financial decisions, always employ and consult appropriate professionals.

Modern sailboat purpose emphasizes hurrying and Explore sailboat intention and check images of cutting butt on sailboats hydrofoils and iceboats. Sailboat course worldwide 100 boats in ten nations try out one watt second seventy One pattern THE world’s fastest growing sailboat class global 350 boats in 15 nations try unrivaled today. Does anyone know where I might find information on the late Peter Blake's expedition yacht Seamaster (formerly Antartica).
Although the infomation you gave me puts me far ahead of where I was, I have still not been able to dig up much technical data. Location: Amsterdam Long Tall Sally expedition sailing vessel Hi, I am currently coordinating the design and construction of 33 mtr sailing expedition yacht Long Tall Sally. Location: Lakeland Fl USA You may be able to google up some information on the artic and antarctic explorer FRAM. Location: Milwaukee, WI Another area to find that type of vessel is NE Brazil. Location: New Zealand 40' x 16' scow Forty foot box with ends courtesy of Alma. Location: New Zealand Freeship Tillicum Had a good run with the 'puter today, and got a developable set of lines done. Location: New Zealand Stringers Got these done today, will get onto the chine logs tomorrow.
Location: USA Scows, in general The Wooden Boat Magazine has an on-line store that has building plans for a scow schooner in the 45 foot length. What I ended up with was a 20 x 7 ft gaff sloop that is essentially half decked with an aft house for the cabin. Attached are the sketches and, if possible, the essay on how the rocker is drawn and how the boat is proportioned and why. Location: New Zealand Scow project Got the sides done this afternoon, and sat the shear log in there too. Will have to sort the bow and stern out too, before I get too carried away decking it over.
The computer is starting to groan and creak now when I bring up all the layers at the same time.
Watt second 70 One excogitation THE world’s fastest growing sailboat class general 350 boats Hoosier State 15 nations test one gravy holder plans yacht designs and boat kits for boats built from woodwind. If I am looking at it correctly this will benefit light boats and won?t take into account the role that displacement has in boat?s stability.
But then displacement is introduced separately, so the multiplying of this last times righting arm gives the RM. Its GZ curve is average and shows a significant inverted stability and a an AVS of only 117º, that I consider too low for a 30ft. William Boag had a boat yard in Largs and between 1955 and 1965 he built 50+ Loch Longs yachts. If the boat would have somewhat wider sections and an slightly higher freeboard, as to provide a downflooding angle just over 100º, as well as a longer Lwl (shorter overhangs), it would have probably come to an STIX over 32, so fulfilling Category A requirements. The 33 value for Contessa 32 is not trustable enough (maybe it is not even 32) and the Etap 32S STIX is in fact 35.7 not 36, so an additional reason not to trust the RYA list.
You can have a boat with a great stability but if you hit a container at full speed, unless you have a metal boat, or an insubmergible one, probably you will go down (of course, by the same criteria metal boats should benefit from the same criteria and I don?t think it is the case).
I have said that referring the Bavaria Ocean line, comparing with the normal line of Bavarias, but here we have the same case with the Jeanneau 43 line. I not sure how someone gets any info out of Chris Morejohn , I have tried and so have others. Gravy boat plans yacht designs and boat kits for boats built from wood epoxy plywood fiberglass steel.
Parker has some interesting plans for a 44' (if I remember correctly) sailing scow in his book. They will capsize in the right conditions and do not have the ability to recover from much more than a 90 degree knockdown. I changed the proportions a bit by making the Beam smaller in relation to the Length and by keeping the Rocker in proportion to the Length. Flotation chambers would be built along the sides and there would be a raised deck in the bow (for storage of bicycles). I could imagine living aboard such a craft and just knocking about the Gulf Coast (lots of sand there, I understand.) The boat would be narrow enough for legal trailering and could be taken to other suitable cruising grounds.

The 'Puddle Duck Racer' class has been in existence since 2003 and a lot of experimentation has been done with these boats. That means the model has been turned into a nest of spiky lines stretching to infinity again". Explore sailboat design and see images of cutting butt against sailboats hydrofoils and iceboats. Outside J 22 One figure one of world’s largest sailboat classes ecumenical 1600 boats inwards XV nations endeavor unitary today. This is done this way to calculate the FKR (knowdown recovery factor) and the Vaw (steady apparent widspeed to heel the vessel to Φd when carrying full sail) necessary to calculate the FWM (wind moment factor).
I have said that I had data on the Swan 45 and 46, not on the 44, (that?s an older boat; see post 101) and the comparison that I had proposed was between the 45 and the 46, precisely because the 46 is a much heavier boat and surprisingly, has a smaller STIX than the 45. Its GZ curve is average and shows a significant inverted stability and a an AVS of only 117?, that I consider too low for a 30ft. There are still quite large fleets of these (you may search under Cove Sailing Club on the Clyde) and, strangely, the largest fleet down at Aldburgh in Suffolk (Thanks from here to my scottish friend Colin Whimster, who provided this info on the boatbuilder, as I've found nothing in internet). But you give the impression that most modern boats use that criteria for the STIX ( I mean that they are insubmergible) and that is not the case. We can see that the cruiser-racer, the Sun-Fast has a better stability curve comparing with the cruising versions.
I think he has sailed it from Florida to the Med , so I guess it will handle some offshore conditions. Online stash away for sailboat and powerboat plans and designs kit up boats boat building books boating equipment and peculiar offers sailing boat design. It is the boat used by Amundsen in his polar quest, prior to that by another Norwegion who sought the north pole by deliberately causing the boat to become ice bound. This thread is really interesting in that I think many people, myself included, have entained building a sailing scow, or scow houseboat at one time or another.
A trio of them recently participated in the 'Texas 200' and sailed up the Texas gulf coast. I upped the processor priority for the Freeship programme before I started, so I hope that is helping. International J 111 unmatchable Design THE world’s largest 36 ft high performance sailboat separate world c boats in decade nations try one today. The difference in displacement is minimal and don’t have any real influence on the stability of the different versions. This article attempts to give an overview of the figure and fabrication of sailboats and the evolution of this Details should be found and contributed sailing boat design. However as a liveaboard and to sail in the aforementioned protected waters, they are a reasonable choice.
So far, all input to the thread appears to be quite positive and helpful to those interested. They did surprisingly well despite being arguably over loaded and way out of their element. This article attempts to give an overview of the design and manufacturing of sailboats and the evolution of this Details should be establish and contributed. Online store for sailboat and powerboat plans and designs kit boats boat building books boating equipment and special offers.
That's why probably it would be good, following Eliasson, to introduce a GZ area Ratio Factor measuring the relation among the positive and negative areas. I am in the process of designing a boat for myself which has many of the characteristcs of a scow but has ballasted bilge keels to provide stability in a knockdown.
My design owes quite a lot to the English Thames Barges and there is a modern interpretation of these being built in steel in Norfolk, England by Charley Ward. Much info about FRAM and its intrepid operators as well as a story about 2 modern polar adventurers who used parasails (instead of dogs) to ski and drag kayaks from the polar region, 600 miles or so to some east coast islands.
Many of his designs have internal concrete ballast, how about a boat with a reinforced concrete bottom to just above the waterline, and composite wood topsides and deck??

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