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Stitch out this Green Sailing Boat  machine embroidery design and add a sea time adventure to your projects! Fill in the details below and an e-mail will be sent to your friend telling them about this product. If you are new to Airlie Beach, and would like to join us, learn to sail and meet new people, our boats often have room on board for you to join in.

The Races are generally around a triangle course, with the Multihulls (Div 1) and faster Monohulls (Div 2) sailing three laps then sailing a beat to the finish just beyond the top mark. During this year, there may be changes to the course sailed, plenty of notice will be given. After the race, why not come back to the club for a few drinks and a Dinner Buffet and be a part of the race presentations.

Dimensions approx 7x5' (18x13cm) Contains chart, Traced fabric, threads, Organizing Card and needle.

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