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Eventually all of the strakes were on, but I deliberately left the ends at the bow and stern unfastened for about  500mm. I cut the water tight hatches with a jig saw and placed the hatches in without securing them down.
I looked on the internet to see how you do a strip deck and how you hold everything down, it seemed that you could use a screw and washer method, and key to this process is the thin plywood deck below the strip effect.  the screws serve two purposed, they hold down the washer holding down the strip and secondly, for the strips they act as spacers between the strips, something like tiling a bathroom !
So back to the beginning, I had to make a frame, glue the ribs of the fram to the curved support webs (see photos in previous posts) and once dries I committed  a sin and cut up that lovely bit of ply wood (5mm I think) to a rough shape in tow bits to fit tightly over the framework. The Welsh Sea Rowing Association - Cymdeithas Rhwyfo Môr Cymru (WSRA) is the national governing body for coastal and ocean rowing in Wales, and is affiliated to Welsh Rowing, which is the National Governing Body for rowing in Wales.
The Welsh Sea Rowing Association (WSRA) Committee is elected from members of affiliated clubs. The WSRA also encourages Indoor Rowing and helps with a club to compare results and training tips.
Want to compete, get fit and just have fun in the open air, whatever you want to get out of your fitness activity why not join your local Welsh Sea Rowing Club.
CRL's Siege On London was one such virtual world game, although it was perhaps more akin to a shoot-‘em-up set in a 3D world.
Paul approached the publisher Activision: "Initially I had a meeting with Colin Fuidge at Activision, with an early version of what became Hunter, it was not much of a game at that time but had the landscape and a few objects, including a couple of vehicles. There had been 3D action adventures before and Paul was a fan of Mercenary in particular: "Interesting you mention Mercenary, the 8bit version of this game was one of a few games that inspired me to do games in the first place. The Mercenary and Midwinter games tended towards sprawling worlds with key features interspersed throughout the expanse. The world construction and programming combined into one development phase: "I put most of the early effort into the object editor app, but that was well in development by the time I got the contract, so from then on it was game coding, object creation, attribute setting and map editing.
A strange atmosphere and Hunter's unfamiliar geography combined to form a world that may be best described as "otherworldly".
Walking – The initial mode of transport and one which the player will have to fall back on throughout the game. Truck – A fairly unexciting vehicle, the truck seems to have more armour than the car, due to a military build. Submarine – Sadly, the submarine cannot be commandeered and appears only as a periscope travelling along the surface. Light Aircraft - The Hunter titlescreen clearly shows an aeroplane but nobody has ever encountered it.
Hovercraft - The hovercraft is a dual-mode vehicle that can, of course, travel on land and by sea. Amphiunisuperduperbigmobile  - Like the hovercraft, this secret vehicle is amphibious.
Most of Hunter’s action takes place in the wide world but every so often the player must enter a building perhaps hoping to locate an object or collect supplies.
Hunter provides various tools to help you navigate around the world in your chosen mode of transport and weapons to bring the fight to the enemy once you get there. Log Book – Very useful for noting where items are located, especially when told by a contact.

Flare – Use this to light up an area during night time (or turn up the brightness on your monitor).
Aerial Observation Unit – More detailed than the radar, this is used to find out just exactly what is in the general vicinity.
Timed Explosives – Very useful for destroying large structures and for getting away before the explosion. The First Man – this mysterious figure holds the crucial first clue in the trail that will eventually lead to the General.
The Third Man – not Orson Welles, but another mysterious man who hides behind a large rock.
The Old Man – found living in a lighthouse, the Old Man will provide information for cash.
The Professor – the Professor asks for a nuclear device for some unspecified purpose. The Green Monk – living in a tree stump and standing on a rotating yin-yang symbol, the Green Monk desires a rabbit. The Injured Soldier – wounded in some unnamed conflict, this soldier demands antibiotics for information. Civilian Man – The archipelago may be engulfed in war but there are still a few civilians to be found.
Civilian Woman – The female counterpart is similar to her male counterpart but smaller and almost hobbit-sized. Seagull – A common sight in the skies over the islands of Hunter, sometimes the cry of the gull and the sea will be the only sounds you hear. Rabbit – The rabbit bounds over the grassy hills and, if caught, can be given to one of the characters. A large proportion of Amiga owners will be familiar with Hunter but how many actually bought it? The open-ended nature of Hunter causes a few strange situations and non-critical bugs to occur.
Gamers will remember Hunter as a game that pointed towards what we know as modern 3D gaming – and it all started on the humble Amiga! You can still access some of the individual websites of the Abime network directly; the Hall of Light, the English Amiga Board and the Amiga Magazine Rack. The WSRA is represented at Welsh Rowing at board level and on the Performance, the Development, Coaching and Education, and the Events Sub-Committees. The WSRA holds regular Executive meetings at which two members from each of the affiliated clubs are entitled to vote. The series of North and South League races are well attended and include many categories of racing that are there to encourage people of all ages and abilities to participate in our sport (Junior(U16 & U18), Senior, Veterans (40+) and Super Veteran (50+)).
We have clubs based all over Wales and in England, so zoom into the map to find your local club and come and join us for fitness, fun and friendship. There is a type of game, far less common, that doesn't restrict the player to limited levels but that creates an open and sometimes randomly generated virtual world. Whereas a horizontally scrolling shoot-'em-up directs the player along a set path with predetermined enemy attack patterns, an open world creates fundamental elements and lets the player decide how their game plays out.

The aim was to fight off a War of the Worlds style invasion in a 3D reproduction of London within the Amiga.
He offered me a beer, looked at what I had and then immediately offered me a contract (6 months). Useful if your motorised boat has been destroyed but travelling long distances with it isn’t recommended. Paul explains the omission: "There is an aeroplane, it is in the game data but does not appear on any map. Useful if you’re desperate for transport but beware in case you run into an enemy soldier or angry bull instead. One shows a man with a gun and the other is an island panorama bordered by the different forms of transportation.
Though I did get flown out to Paris twice to sort it out so I wasn’t complaining too much. I had to start the game three times before I made it there without being killed, I must have lost my touch. The WSRA provides Membership Benefits and Insurance, as well guidance on coaching development, technique and safety.
WSRA affiliated clubs provide an excellent range of races and also maintain an impressive safety record.
The objects were designed using the editor that Paul had created before approaching Activision. I was aware it could be a bit of a problem when the frame-rate was low, if you were trying to land a helicopter without crashing it. Also the game world seemed well suited to a locate and destroy mission format so I did not want to pass that up.
That said, I don’t think I have ever met anybody who had owned Hunter and actually paid for their copy. Most, That it was a critical success and a lot of people seem to have liked it at the time, more so that people still seem to have fond memories of it 20 years later. Minecraft is set in a similar strange, somewhat abstract world, although it uses blocks instead of polygonal shapes, and has something of the atmosphere as Hunter.
Its programmer, Paul Holmes, left CRL but still had plans to create a 3D virtual world game. I also wanted to have in game music which would change to reflect the current mood, but I never got the music so it never happened.
I had some concerns too that the Hunter mode game alone, in the time I had to do it, would not be substantial enough.
Plus there was not enough (um, any) variation in the landscape for it not to become bland or repetitive if it were too large.

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