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All the benefits of an inboard v-drive configuration: great low end torque, superior acceleration, limited bow rise, increased boater safety, superior storage capacity, and true tournament quality wakes combined with a passenger friendly seating area.
One of our fastest boats with over 320 horsepower, brand new 2013 Seating, a great boat for driving fast, skiing, and wakeboarding.A The boat has superior storage capacity and passenger-friendly seating area. Our smallest boat still packs a big punch compared to the competition, the Regal 1900 is a great all around ski, wake board & runabout boat. Although an older pontoon, this larger capacity boat is perfect for those who want to just get on the lake, cruise around and have a good time. Highest rated rentals on Lake Travis, largest selection of Premium boats, and premium Jet skis.
We pride ourselves on having the nicest equipment on the lake, check out our new wakeboards and life vests!
Tubes a€“ Great for first time boaters, hang on for the ride with our brand new Connelly extra large 2 person tubes.
Skis with rope a€“ Similar to snow skiing, but with a rope behind a boat, intermediate level watersport that most can pick up their first day of trying. Wakeboards with rope – A more difficult water sport but great fun, CWB, hyperlite, and others are maintained in our rental inventory. Knee-board with ropeA a€“ One of the easier, but just as fun water sports that most beginners can pick up their first try.
We pride ourselves on providing newer equipment for renters, meaning comfortable, neo-preme, modern life vests that fit well. PLEASE NOTE: We do not allow any toys (tubes included)A to be pulled behind our pontoons or jet skis. Floating Vacation RentalViews of Lake Travis from Lake Travis in a 2 bedroom home above the ship store. With our Jetpack flight school here in Canyon Lake Tx we can make your dream of operating a jetpack a reality and a great memory! Enjoy a jetpack adventure with your very own jetpack rental at Canyon Lake, lake LBJ, Lake Austin or Travis Lake Tx. We offer different jetpack flight experience packages, including premium jetpack video experiences to commemorate your flight.

Each water jetpack experience includes 15 to 50 minutes of flight time depending on your purchased flight package. Extensive research and test results helped us develop many safety features and a€?best practicea€? operating procedures. In addition to us providing you with a wetsuit (if Needed) and refreshments, you can add one of our video packages to commemorate your water jetpack experience with Canyon Lake Jetpack Rentals. Half-Day Rental a€“ For groups of 8-10 people, our Half-Day Rental gets you dedicated use of the Jetlev Jetpack with a personal Flight Instructor for 4 hours. Full-Day Rental - For groups of up to 20 people, our Full-Day Rental gets you dedicated use of the Jetlev with a personal Flight Instructor for 8 hours (7 hours in winter), from 9am to 5pm (4pm in winter). Multi-Unit Rentals a€“ For larger groups or groups who are interested in flying more people in a shorter period of time, we can deploy up to 3 Jetlevs at a time, increasing our capacity to up to 72 people in a day. GoPro High Definition Video Footage a€“ If you are interested in purchasing flight videos for all of your attendees, we can offer a 30% discount off our listed rates and we can customize the videos for your particular group with special intro or credit sequences. We offer an exclusive rental line of speed and power boats on Lake Austin, Lake Travis and near surrounding lakes in Austin, TX for rent or chartered. Daybreak Boat Rentals is a family located on the shores of beautiful Lake Travis just 15 minutes west of Austin Texas. VIP Marina on Lake Travis is a class A powerboat facility offering boat slips, rental boats, house entire country, not just on Lake Travis. Does not have a tower, but does have a bimini top to keep you in the shade on a hot summer day. Be the life of the party on Lake Travis or Devils cove, with on board bathroom and shower, kitchenette, stove, sun deck, bedroom with large king bed, surround sound premium sound system, electronic anchor system, large swim deck, and everyones attention on the lake. So you don’t have moldy, weather damaged uncomfortable vests that you are required to wear! This rule is in place for the safety of renters, it is not safe to pull a rider behind a jet ski or pontoon. On your flight experience day you will receive classroom instruction in our jetpack school.
You will also receive real time communication with your water jetpack instructor via our walkie talkie helmets.

Jetpack flying is no exception, but our extensive research on relative safety indicates that this activity is less dangerous than common outdoor activities such as driving, cycling, riding ATVs or personal watercrafts, waterskiing, parasailing, downhill skiing, or even crossing the street! Although falling from height or at speed is inherently risky, from our experience falling from Jetpack is rare, and platform diving from 10 meters has been widely practiced for over a century with excellent safety records.
Check out some of our awesome water jetpack adventure footage here and youa€™ll know for sure! Just indicate how many units you'd like and whether they'll be Half-Day Rentals or Full-Day Rentals. With the bigger engine and higher buoyancy of a tritoon you are able to pullA a rider unlike any other pontoons on the lake! Make your boat rental even more fun by taking a board with you into a hidden cove and taking turns on the boards with your friends. This includes a safety video to introduce you to the water jetpack technology and to give you the run down on how the training will go on the water.
And finally, if it is your first flight with us, your instructor will control your throttle via remote control.
Central to our safety design is using water as a safety net and enforcing low flight ceilings by restricting hose length. This small boat is a great deal for anyone looking to spend a day on the lake without breaking the bank. Canyon Lake is the perfect settings for this adrenaline pumping experience, so be sure to book your water jetpack rental today. Combining quality, luxury and style, the versatile LX 22 Cruise model provides an easy way to enjoy outdoor fun.

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