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One of the things I loved is that you can drive the boat either from the inside or up top with an amazing view.
The glass doors in the front and rear not only give you an incredible view from the inside but can also provide a nice breeze. There are a total of eight large screened windows so you can enjoy an open and breezy feel. I looked at this boat but decided on a Ranger Tug 25SC as my dream for both a small house and a boat on the water.
It’ll be aero shaped to be a trailer too with the tongue bolted to the bow and wheels attached when needed as a trailer making it very flexible to live on land or water or travel at low cost. Get rid of the 40hp and put on 9.9hp and slow down for better mpg not to mention saving a bundle in motor cost. This boat reminds me, very much, of a houseboat that came out of Everett, Washington in the 1970’s called Cruise-A-Home. While the boat has not been made in probably 35 years, I can’t help but notice the similarities. I would like to have a small, fast , reliable ,craft that I could use for the crossing, sometimes, every day. One major design point is the need to be able to cruise at reasonable (?) speed the on the homeward leg , when the afternoon sea breeze is in. I have thought about the range of PWC's on the market now , and think that they have huge potenial. I obviously have the Ferry at hand , so If you had really yuk weather you can travel on it.
Are you thinking of designing building such a craft or are you looking for something to buy?
Location: Wasilla Alaska seaka If you are looking to build maybe a style like this would work. 580cc But I lost interest after the sea-doo(i bought sight unseen for a song) I was told it had been wrecked.
When making potentially dangerous or financial decisions, always employ and consult appropriate professionals. Looking for all the “big boat” amenities in a trailerable houseboat? There’s no greater value on the water than the AC2800!
The Adventure Craft is loaded with all the comforts of home – including the kitchen sink!
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The development of the Mark V SOC was very fast, taking only 18 months from the initiation of the program to actual possession of the first boat on September 4, 1995.
The original Mk V SOC was designed to mitigate the lack of any specifically conceived SEAL insertion craft. The Mark V has the capacity to carry sixteen fully equipped SEALs to missions 500 miles (800 km) away from where they are based. The Mark V has many special features, besides its weapons, that make it more survivable while delivering sailors to their missions. Here at SCA we’re slowly putting together an article on the best places in North America to sail a small boat, and we’d love to hear what our readers have to say—in fact we need to hear what they say! Certainly the Florida Keys, San Juan Islands, and North Channel are popular—and we’re happy to have you vote for them—but how about some lesser-known locales? While scenery and weather have a lot to do with great sailing venues, there are other considerations as well.
Your feedback and that of other readers will aid us in our never-ending quest for small-boat paradise.
Warning though, there may be occasional violent winds screeching up the Fjord with huge waves and there are 20 foot tides to deal with. We go to Maine each summer, and it’s hard to imagine any better place to sail a small boat than around Penobscot Bay. Who would think that in New York City you could find beautiful, almost pristine waters, with undeveloped shorelines and abundant sea birds and fish everywhere? I have spent a good percentage of my life at sea and as a career Naval Officer I had a chance to travel places both far and near.
The area has a rich sailing tradition and the Barnegat Bay Yachting Association has been sponsoring sailboats races on the river and bay for over 100 years. It is also a great sailing location for traditional bay craft like the Barnegat Bay Sneakbox, Garvey’s, Duck boats and Cat boats. We like swimming in warm water here in the Pacific Northwest during summer daysails or cruises. Any or all of these classic vessels will pass you by on a weekend sail of the beautiful Miles River. For pure beauty of nature, combined with views of historic colonial landmarks and sharing the water with classic vessels found only on the Chesapeake Bay, the Miles River is a small-boat sailing adventure that will produce lifetime memories. Lake Coeur d’Alene is about 25 miles long and up to a few miles wide with many interesting bays and many public ramps and docks at which to anchor or tie up for the night. Over the past several years, I’ve had the good fortune to sail off the western shore of the Bay in the area between the Potomac and Rappahannock rivers. As for the Potomac River, I currently sail often near the Mason Neck Preserve mentioned by Steve Lack.
The Chesapeake Bay, while sheltered, is a large body of relatively shallow water which is known for its chop. As for the Potomac in the area described, way too much of the land on both sides is reserved for military installations, which greatly diminishes the options for amenities of any kind. At over 6900 feet elevation and hundreds of miles from the coast, you wouldn’t expect much in the way of sailing conditions, but the summer afternoon winds are often brisk, to say the least. Some of the best small boat sailing in the US is on Green Bay at northern Door County Wisconsin.
But I would also like to point out Shrewsbury Bay in New Jersey as a favorite of mine before I moved to Florida. You can’t find a more amazing sail than that which starts in Portsmouth, New Hampshire on the Piscataqua river and ends at Gosport Harbor at the Isles of Shoals. I love sailing a muddy lake east of my home that 4 generations have maintained a cottage on.

Best sailing, in my Opinion, is out of the Mystic River, Mystic CT into Fisher’s Island Sound, Long Island Sound, and Block Island.
In the 1940’s the TVA created a series of lakes which came to be known as the Great Lakes of the South. The Lake itself is long and narrow (about a mile at its widest) and is dotted with many small islands that are easily accessible by sailboats of all sizes. Closer to West Tennessee and West Kentucky are Kentucky Lake and Lake Barkley, joined near the northern end by a 2.2 mile canal, and just a couple of miles off Interstate 24. Lake Barkley, an impoundment of the Cumberland River, covers about 57,000 acres, with about 118 miles of shoreline.
I've actually put a lot of thought into this when creating my server spawn & even the arena. He has a passion for exploring and sharing tiny homes (from yurts and RVs to tiny cabins and cottages) and inspiring simple living stories.
A few years back, after a night of some pretty wild karaokeing in New Milford, CT, my co-worker, Pat & I were watching TV and saw an ad to call for information. Also there are many morning hours, and sometimes 4 or 5 days on end in winter, when there is a near perfect glass-out conditions. You’ll enjoy two large beds, a refrigerator and microwave, air conditioning, a stand up shower with toilet and a wonderful open air flybridge. The Mark V is one of the newest additions to the United States Naval Special Warfare Command. The USSOCOM Contracting Directorate and a dedicated Program Management team executed this effort in record time, specifically because USSOCOM was given Agency level contracting authority. Prior to the Mk V SOC, SEALs were transported on any form of surface transport available, often resorting to taping lawn furniture to the deck of the available craft. They ride on seats that are designed for maximum comfort and shock mitigation in high seas or heavy maneuvering, and allows occupants to either stand or sit. Its angular design and low silhouette reduces its radar signature making it harder to spot and detect. Maybe it’s a hidden boat-in campground, a special dockside eatery, or a maritime museum that make a place your personal favorite. Please consider adding your thoughts to the comments at this blog post or we’d be happy to receive an e-mail with your suggestions. We anchor tucked into the small shallow bays and inlets found all around both the inner and outer bay. Army Corps of Engineers (manages the lake water); Lane County Parks (manages the marinas and public campground). A peaceful river branching off the northern Chesapeake Bay, it offers access to the famous Wye River (site of the negotiations for the 1998 Wye River Peace Accord between Yassar Arafat and Benjamin Netanyahu) and numerous other estuaries featuring waterfront views of historic waterfront colonial estates. From south to north, these would be Lake Coeur d’Alene, Lake Pend Oreille, and Priest Lake (including upper Priest Lake). The Bay, of course, is one of the best small boat sailing grounds in the world, but it is far too vast an area to cover in a single post.
Our base for several years was a home on Towles Creek off of Ingram Bay, which lies at the mouth of the scenic Great Wicomico River, and then opens out into one of the widest points of the Chesapeake.
Not all smallish boats can handle stiff chop and still make significant forward progress, which can be a problem as the wind pipes up. It can be a very long distance up and down the River to get to interesting points north and south, but a multi-day trip can bring one to fascinating historic sites, of which Mount Vernon is just one example. And the lake is oriented to give you the longest run, 2.4 miles almost dead before the wind, from the dam to the launch ramp at Rancheria Creek. With great conditions, excellent access to the water, and world-class hospitality, the Sailing Capital of NC really delivers as an amazing sailing destination. It gets strong San Francisco bay winds, but the wide canals and rivers which wind back and forth don’t have enough straight fetch for large waves- making it a sailing paradise.
I used to sail my BB Swan catboat (late 1940’s fiberglass catboat designed by Carl Beetle after he left his Beetle Cat business) there in the summer. We sail our brave little 21′ McGregor Venture sailboat, Cape Elizabeth, with our Snark as tender, the 7ish glorious miles, at times spotting seals and, most recently, WHALES!
Echo Lake Ontario is my favourite small boat designation because it is easy lake to get to and sailing is sporty. The lakes and canal form Land Between The Lakes, a 170,000 acre public area of campgrounds, boat ramps, and woodlands, as well as a bunch of coves and bays. There was a family learning to sail their 20foot something as they refurbished a 40 foot something. We invite you to send in your story and tiny home photos too so we can re-share and inspire others towards a simple life too. It is great for one wanting use the boat for day trips and stay in it while docked (home port or another port). The original Mk V competition included three different designs, one Kevlar composite monohull, one aluminum monohull and one aluminum catamaran hull. To defend against aircraft the craft have a station for firing the Stinger Man-portable Air Defense System (MANPADS). Its V-hull design gives it good handling qualities in rough water as well as speed and shallow draft (four feet when cruising on-step). Perhaps you’ve never found any place more fun than that creek or pond down the road from your house. Perhaps it’s a yearly boat show or messabout that attracts you, or the welcoming warmth of the locals—whatever it is we want to hear about it. Usually thought of as a place for big yachts to launch into the ocean, Winchester Bay’s Salmon Harbor Marina also serves the lower Umpqua River where it cuts through the Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area. It is a very popular place with sailors who will call it an inland sea as it can have steady winds and get some nice swells. This same region is noted for Reedville, the capital of the Bay’s Menhaden industry on Cockrell Creek. Among other things, we can sail over to Tim’s Rivershore Restaurant for dinner, across the river to Smallwood State Park in Maryland, on Mattawoman Creek, or up to the Occoquan River and on to the quaint town of Occoquan itself.
This area is a very wide section of the River for this far north, enhanced by Occoquan and Belmont bays. There’s over 1,000 miles of waterway ranging from undeveloped wildlife reserve to comfortable resorts and marinas.

Once moored or anchored, we snark over to Smuttynose, hoping to stumble upon some of the pirate booty rumored to have been buried amidst Native American artifacts. The spring winds can whip the lake up and you will have gusty wavy rides in 15 to 35 knot gusts. All creations copyright of the creators.Minecraft is copyright Mojang AB and is not affiliated with this site. On a business trip from Baltimore, MD, one passed me, being towed along I-95 North, and it looked AWESOME!
The ramp on the stern allows SEAL teams to ride their CRRC’s right up the stern of the boat, for fast extraction and insertion. Later improvements include mounting stations for GAU-17 Miniguns, MK 95 Twin 50 cal machine gun, MK 38 chain gun and Mk48 25 mm guns. Its twin MTU 12-cylinder TE94 Diesel engines give it power and reliability and, coupled with the two K50S water jets, provides fast acceleration for operations near shore or in shallow waters as well as cutting down on the rooster tail effect that can make fast boats easier to see and track. However, the lake is set in farmland and woods, and has a predictable north wind on summer afternoons. You have to deal with currents and ocean tides, and the river is less than half a mile wide in most places. The southern half of the lake has fewer power boaters but there is much active sailing along it’s whole length.
Being further north there is less developed shoreline than CdA but still many services and good spots to spend the night away from people. Other destinations reachable in a day include Tangier Island and Deltaville, Virginia, which is a major boating center. Outside the bays and rivers off the Chesapeake Bay proper, a sailboat over over 20 feet with a bit of weight to it is often a better choice. Located on the Neuse River just before it opens into the Pamlico Sound, Oriental offers protected water sailing in the many small creeks and rivers that branch off of the mighty Neuse River.
Should you be unfortunate enough to run aground the obstacle encountered will usually be sand or mud.
The summer can quite down a lot and the wind doesn’t show up till long after lunch but can plow till dark. Garden Island is off the charts exotic complete with Native American burial ground and spirit houses. They sailed the little one while working on and dreaming about the big one, right there in the grassy channel. Only wish the couple pulling it had stopped at one of the rest areas for gasoline or a bite to eat so I could’ve picked their brains about their purchase.
The Mark V SOC deployment was not without its problems, including instances of the windshield and entire pilothouse assembly collapsing on wave impact.
The Mk V SOC specifically incorporated a modular shock mitigated seating design to minimize injury. However, the channel accommodates centerboarders almost bank to bank, and a sandy beach is always nearby. Priest lake is about 19 miles long and a few miles wide with public ramps and anchoring and shore camping options. Tidal ranges are not extreme and the weather is mostly temperate although one needs to watch out for summer thunderstorms that sweep in from the west to break up the heat and humidity. Located on the Miles River you will find excellent anchorages including Wye East River and Leed’s Creek. You can also launch and retrieve a trailer sailor in freshwater but spend the day sailing in saltwater! While most of the shoreline has development, it is mostly residential and made for interesting viewing wandering up and down the creeks and facing the challenges of tacking in tight spaces. Woman Island (Squaw), Whiskey and Trout make a lovely short hop chain south to High Island former home of the off the wall religious group the House of David.
However, these issues have been resolved and the Mark V SOC has markedly improved maritime special operations capabilities. However, after much training and operational usage, the aluminum monohul was observed to tend to transmit the impact with the water’s surface to the occupants of the boat more readily than a composite hull might.
Wind on many Oregon coast rivers is compromised by coastal mountains, but the sea breeze reaches the lower Umpqua across the relatively low Oregon Dunes.
Cousteau national research estuary reserve and is surrounded by Forsythe National Wildlife Refuge with great wildlife viewing.
Kalispel Island and Bartoo Island are part of the local National Forest and is a popular place to shore camp. It’s great location on the ICW means easy access to points North and South like Cape Lookout, Beaufort, Moorehead, New Bern, Ocracoke Island, Bath and much much more. It was only 8 feet wide, so easily fit into most campgrounds, and then could be lowered into the water of any nearby lake! In contrast to places like Fern Ridge, this is a regular nautical setting, with seals and pelicans, commercial fishing boats putting to sea, and breakers pounding on the jetty at the harbor entrance.
The Neuse River at Oriental is approx 2-3 nautical miles across and has a maximum depth of 25-30 feet with average depths of 10-20 feet… And 4-10 feet closer to shore.
Looking shoreward, you feel yourself disappearing to a time when sailboats littered the sea and 7 miles may as well have been 700. The only self declared king in the United States (King James) attempted to secede from the Union in the 1800’s and the follow on story is fascinating. Believe the pricing wasn’t too awful either, and they offered several different engine options for water propulsion, too. I’ve been sailing my Pearson 27 there since 2007 and previously owned an Oday 22 for 20+ years which was also perfect for the area. Lying in the cockpit under a thick blanket, sea breeze and rollers rocking the boat, the gulls quietly settling in, relaxation, so evasive in our modern world, ushers in peaceful sleep. I have sailed the Beavers in small boats numerous times and find the islands to be otherworldly and just about perfect for beach cruising.

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