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The first thing you need to decide is whether you want a planing or displacement type hull. Depends on the size and structure of the lakes you fish in and how you'll haul the boat around. For large lakes and small bays I think the carvel Poulsbo Boat is the best design ever made. Both the Center for Wooden Boats in Seattle and the and the NW Maritime Heritage Center in Port Townsend have plans. Or for simple and inexpensive you can build a simple flatiron or sharpie skiff like the one on the right my family used to build 6 at a time for fishing camps. Combine in with a honda 4-stoke with a reduction gear 6:1 (I think this is a standard ratio off the shelf that is). Mechanical engineers have already studied the problem and tested 18 foot boats with small air cooled engines, The 2:1 reduction engine worked best. I did a google search but I couldn't find any dealers or distributors in the USA so I emailed the manufacturer.
That's great, except for the fact that the Watermota you have is not being manufactured any more, the company that used to make them no longer exists, and there are no remaining replacement parts suppliers in the world.

Agreed, if the meaning of the quest is to design and develop such an animal rather than buying one new. Seems like a a V-P set up is going to end up too expensive in producion.Just look at the price of feathering units.
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Whilst every care has been taken in the preparation of these particulars, the correctness is not guaranteed, and they are intended as a guide only and do not constitute a part of any contract. If that is the sort of boat you are looking to build, I call your attention to the Lowell Dory Skiff. If you only want to go 3-5 mph, then a displacement hull, such as the one in your last post, will be easier to build and row, and will be more stable for the overall size. If you want a boat that is reasonably fast under power ( say 9.9 hp or more) then a planing hull is the way to go.
I have some Western Red Cedar left over from my last strip canoe and an old 5 hp Evenrude laying around. To get WoodenBoat delivered to your door or computer, mobile device of choice, etc, click WB Subscriptions. In that case, a 3 hp motor will propel the boat at virtually the same speed as a 10 hp, for reasons that are a little complicated to go into here.

It should aim for something that is even better than what has been there already, not stay short of that.
I am trying to show that a generator using a 5 hp engine does produce enough continous power to move a small boat. Fine entry and almost flat at the stern and short of the Great Lakes during the gales of November , fairly seaworthy. The link to the battery charger was only to show how such a generator could be built at home, and used to produce DC instead of AC. A lot of the other boat plan companies sell designs that are obsolete by today's standards.
I should also mention that building your own boat allows you the opprotunity to do some pretty neat things with the interior such as building in a live well, adding amenities like specialized lockers for fishing gear, customised seating ,Etc. A 5 hp gas engine will easily turn a 100 amp alternator and produce enough continuous power to run an 80 pound thrust trolling motor, or a 2.5 hp starter motor mounted inboard. There are hundreds of plans available for the home builder, its just a matter of finding one that suites your budget and building skills.

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