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For the month of April we are offering discounts of up to $50 on our Center Cabins and free esky with ice for all our midweek hires.
The whale migration of the NSW coast will begin in May and runs through till the month of November, with June to November tagged as the prime Whale Watching season in Australia. During autumn in Australia, whale groups like Humpbacks and Orcas migrate from the cold waters of the Antarctic up to the more temperate waters of Northern Australia. This is a perfect time to book a vessel and experience first hand these magnificent creatures in their own habitat. Unlike your standard lunch or afternoon cruise on the harbour, you will not have to share with dozens, or worse hundreds, of others. Leaving from Drummoyne, you will board your own 'pontoon' - aka self-drive boat - after a short but informative briefing session by the staff. Armed with clear maps and instructions, you will head to your preferred destination, exploring the surroundings and taking in the best views, while sailing along the bays.

On board, there is everything you need from comfy seats to an iPod dock and even a pop up toilet for anyone with a small bladder or who has had one too many ciders. If you prefer to have everything prepared for you, Sydney Boat Hire can also organize hampers or barbecue packs.
The best part is that no licence is required so anyone can have a go at wearing the captain's hat. WeekendNotes will notify you of the best free community events, concerts, exhibitions, cinema, festivals, and markets in your town or city. Cruise the Nerang River around Surfers Paradise, check out the awesome superyachts at Marina Mirage and Palazzo Versace or gaze at the impressive mansions of Sovereign Islands, do some fishing or simply relax and unwind.
The Kingfish are still running hot offshore at the moment and this is the best time of the year for targeting the reefs for Snapper, Jewfish, and Flathead, as well as trolling the headlands for Tuna and Salmon. When their calfs grow a bit, they go back to Antarctic, where mating and feeding then takes place once again.

We offer vessel hire or Skippered Charters with expert commentary for groups of 4 to 10 Persons.
As the weather gets warmer, how about a change of scenery and enjoying these precious moments by the water or even better, on water! Fishing equipment is also available for hire so you can 'have your fish and eat it' and of course, the sea breeze comes for free. Chose your own tunes, drinks and food, and don't forget to pack your sun block or your swimmers.

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