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To see all that Huck's Houseboat Rentals and Houseboat Vacations website has to offer please load in Javascript. This model has a queen sized bed, a full bathroom, kitchen, television, ceiling AC, patio furniture, a couch, and a gas grill.Next let's look at a slightly larger one. Mike Auderer designed and built this wonderful humble home on wheels from scratch so he can downsize from a four-story Victorian home according to Thurston Talk. Even though Mike is the owner of his own construction company, building a houseboat was a first for him.
Since Mike has made this downsizing lifestyle change he feels better because he walks more often, uses his vehicle less, and gets to enjoy and contribute more to Olympia. The bedroom is up on the second floor with more than enough room for closets and a king size bed.
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I would not mind living in or on a house boat; especially if it looked as nice as the one shown.
If you want to move around think of going to 2 hulls again with multiple comparments, 4+, in each. Living on the water is great in many ways but you need to do things and pay attention to not get into a problem.

Also talk to the old timers about bad wqeather, flooding, etc that your area might have and what to do when it happens so you are prepared and not surprised. It would be easy to build in some floatation with foam blocks or rectangles, which could also insulate floor, from water temperature.
I have 45 yrs building boats and 35 yrs designing, building, sailing and living on all kinds. Is it legal to have a tiny house boat in Florida Cape Coral and how much does it cost to build?
My only concern with a houseboat is would it just be a depreciable asset, kind of like a vehicle?
There used to be a company in Seattle, based at Lake Union, that would rent houseboats as short-term hotel accommodations.
While the reality of living on the water in the inclement weather has to be taken into account, it’s so peaceful and seems like it could really be kind of fun living that way, at least based on my short little sojourn. He has a passion for exploring and sharing tiny homes (from yurts and RVs to tiny cabins and cottages) and inspiring simple living stories. Make sure the botton is fiberglassed and the hull is divided into multiple compartments, 8+ so if you get a leak it doesn’t sink you. But if you wanted to live on it, in a visual paradise, you could always have it towed or tow it yourself.

I would love to see what this boat he lived on was, surely not much good, that’s for sure.
We invite you to send in your story and tiny home photos too so we can re-share and inspire others towards a simple life too. It isn’t even the initial build, it the docking fees, and the services for waste removal, and slip fees, and licensing fees and all the rest of the bureaucratic nonsense each local government tacks on and the hoops they make you jump so in the end all the joy has been killed out of it. I also wouldn’t mind renting one for several months to try it out first but when I search for something like that I only get info on short term rental at over the top (for me) prices. I think we need a Tiny House Lobby to fight some of these unnecessary and excessively charged taxes and fees just to keep this kind of housing for only those who can afford it or are willing enough to run the gauntlet. They should have a designated Tiny House Floating Park designed along the lines of housing in Dubai to be fair about it.

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