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In 1969 he acquired a Tornado, designed and structured wooden foils, screwed them on, and set sail. November 28, 2012 By Daniel Mihai Popescu Leave a Comment I thought to creating a new category for the blog, a News category, with miscellanea posts from the yachting world. It’s a long history of how French yachtsman Alain Thebault built this hydrofoil in cooperation with the late Eric Tabarly since the 1990s. About Daniel Mihai PopescuDaniel Mihai Popescu is a ship engineer with background in sea transportation, real estate, yacht brokerage, construction, entrepreneurship. Daniel Mihai Popescu is a ship engineer with background in yacht brokerage, Real Estate, construction, entrepreneurship. Location: Columbus, Ohio Canard Hydrofoil Configuration Design Questions I am trying to design hydrofoils for my boat.
Guest625101138 Previous Member   Pitch control foil forward is a common set up in certain boats. It would probably help if you gave some idea of the weight of craft, intended power and target speed.
Location: Columbus, Ohio As far as the some of the information you requested (weight, power, speed) the boat weighs approximately 450 pounds, it will have 40 pounds of thrust, and I am looking to get up to around 30 mph.
When you say the small foil needs to be far enough away, do you know of any calculations or formulas that could approximate the correct distance where the two foils would begin to have the least interaction? Originally Posted by JMcClure As far as the some of the information you requested (weight, power, speed) the boat weighs approximately 450 pounds, it will have 40 pounds of thrust, and I am looking to get up to around 30 mph.
Guest625101138 Previous Member   Attached shows pressure field and streamlines for two well-spaced foils.
The forward foil must change its lift faster than the rear foil as the height varies if the craft is to have stable pitch-heave coupling.

There have been craft with surface piercing foils both fore and aft - Don Nigg's Flying Fish being one of them.
When making potentially dangerous or financial decisions, always employ and consult appropriate professionals. The main load is carried by two steeply inclined fixed foils, deployed just in front of the centre of gravity.
More recently, I noticed James Grogono would be attending and I see a more recent photo of James is included on your page.
With the appropriate angle of attack of the foil, the sum of the pressure at what enter the water and of the depression at get out of the water generates an upward thrust with a reduced drag, which raises the boat like the wing of a plane. Larry Page expressed interest in high-speed sailing earlier this month on his Google+ page. We only promote products that we actually use and enjoy, and our reviews are honest - no pushing up random junk just to earn money! Also, if I have this configuration, does anyone know much about the interaction between the two foils (such as downwash)? I also receive a lot of propositions for event coverage which sometimes is not related to the marine world.
The News category will cover nautical world news, yachting and charter saloons, expos and events. Alain Thebault, the boat’s skipper and designer, is looking for sponsors from Silicon Valley to fund his attempt to break the trans-Pacific speed record next year. Keywords instead of your real name will be modified or the whole comment will be deleted as spam! Also, I'm thinking about making the canard foil a fully submerged foil and the main foil a surface piercing foil.

He also designed and built a 7 Kg, Speedboard which made the top speed by a Brit in 1982 Speedweek. I can and I like to read about an Auto Saloon in general, but it’s not the purpose of this blog, except for certain SEO reasons.
The idea of the hydrofoil originated when Emmanuel Denis Farcot opted for the installation of numerous small foils along a boat hull so as to lift it up and thus reduce the drag.
He recently invited Page to hike with them in San Francisco Bay, and it was a great success. Oh, and if you need a really good looking blog attached to your site, or just for fun, or to express your feelings more competitive, read this Own Your Website offer! The hoax is that Thebault and his four-person crew are determined to ride across the Pacific from Los Angeles to Honolulu faster than anyone ever has before, and he needs to raise somewhere between $3 and $3.5 million to make it happen.
Would also be good to have a greater representation within IHS of the sailing hydrofoil community. I think this money can make a better and safer boat, both faster and safer for riding the oceans, even for pleasure. These days, it is that area of hydrofoil development that is attracting the greatest attention. I would also be keen to use extracts of this update on the activities of James in a short article for the IHS Newsletter. Or the disturbance will be bow-up, and it will leap out of the water, then crash back down.

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