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Not selling anything, just like being creative and find this little craft does just what I was hoping it would, and still pretty cheap.
I started with a $208 Cheek Company Sport LT one-man inflatable pontoon boat from Sportsman's Warehouse. Well, we bought 3 of them (extra one for one of my son-in-laws who's an avid fisherman), a nice fishing pole and some tackle.
Took mine to my shop Monday and did some considering on what it would take to fix this thing so I wouldn't have to set in water anymore. I decided I wanted to use wood for the deck boards and also wanted to use a trolling motor. The archives are full of ideas on customizing these type of craft, so they make for interesting reading. I decided I wanted to use wood for the deck boards and also wanted to use a troweling motor. There is a reason the maker keeps the seat low, these are used around here to float down rivers, sometimes with swift choke points. This also reminds me of an inflatable boat my uncle and I made when I was a kid in the 60s.
Now, it seems you could make a nicer one and cover the bottom say with hypalon material and fasten it to the deck, better oars, etc. Wavewacker - I built a houseboat back about 1960 (when the adventures of huckleberry finn came out). When making potentially dangerous or financial decisions, always employ and consult appropriate professionals.
CE Small inflatable pontoons, View inflatable pontoons, Helen Product Details from Qingdao Hailun Yacht Co., Ltd.
Small Inflatable Pontoon Fishing Boats beta Login To use full features of CLIPZINE, you must allow to run Javascript. An inflatable, easily affordable big river pontoon fishing boat for two anglers built to withstand tough river conditions.

I wanted a boat like this from the first time I saw similar craft used on BC's Elk River.
What’s really the difference between the expensive Sea Eagle boats and the lower priced Sea Eagles? All this and more are discussed below.  Prices and Discount Option Packages are below and include Free Shipping.
Rugged, waterproof reinforced canopy.Folding aluminum tubing for easy storageInstalls in minutes Keeps you cool and protected from the harmful UV rays of the sun. Scroll across the horizontal tabs immediately below and click in Blue Tabs to see Prices and Discount Package options. The FoldCattm is a very light boat, with very little drag, and motors very well with an electric outboard.
Two 360° swivel seats Plenty of back support and generous cushions put you in the lap of luxury on every fishing excursion.
The North American Fishing Club, America’s oldest fishing organization, has tested and awarded the FoldCattm their coveted Seal of Approval.
Breakthrough NeedleNose Design featuresa razor sharp, wave piercing bow, an elegantcurved touring shape and the ability topaddle faster, further and easier!
Completely re-designed for 2016 the New Sea Eagle 9 is now equipped with a higher pressure – up to 3 psi versus traditional less than 1 psi inflatable floor and seats that are removable, I-beam reinforced, and encased in their very own superior high strength protective nylon fabric sheath. Be looking for the Red Best Value button (seen below) and click 'Add to Cart' to reveal your hidden Best Value Price.
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Tube Dude on that site is a master at redesign, and even has compiled an extensive book of pictures on his creations.

The Fish Cat really expanded my drift-boating opportunities, especially for small streams, as well as for my home river, the Kootenai River. This offer is valid for new subscribers only and will be sent to your email address shortly. With a 3hp gas engine, the FoldCattm rips along at 8 knots, fast enough to make headway against tides or headwinds. We devote much of our time keeping you informed about the benefits of Sea Eagle boats, kayaks, and accessories. Our prices have always been the lowest allowed by Sea Eagle's MAP policy and our award winning service has been voted the highest, as thousands will attest.
Up to 4 Rod Holders These top-quality rod holders mount into pre-drilled holes on two benches. Our fact- filled website wins compliments and awards and provides you information you just can't find anywhere else. Used conduit bending the ends of the pipe so that they provided posts under the decking and ran across the top of the deck, ] shaped with the short ends down.
I guide sporadically for an outfitter and own a driftboat and a self-bailing flyfishing raft, but neither can do what the Fish Cat can do in skinny, rough water. Once on the Shopping Cart page you can continue to shop and add more items, you can also delete items, and you can update quantities. Went to the tire shop and bought two large innertubes, stretched them front to rear on each side and sraped them into shape.
2 Carry Bags Your FoldCattm packs tightly and carries neatly in our 2, durable nylon carry bags (hull bag included). I also covered all the floor openings with painted marine plywood to enhance storage options.

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