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But with a proper placement of mass a slender monohull of even 12-1 LB ratio should be steady enough not to need stabilizing help. Location: St Augustine Fl, Thailand Small Power Tri Here's one I remember seeing an ad for in Power Multihulls.
It's an interesting craft in that the bow wave is swallowed by the two sponsons, which results in almost no wake when traveling at displacement speeds.
The rationale for the Landau 20 was to produce a very low disturbance hull form for cruising at displacement speeds and it is extremely good at that.
Chris Ostlind Previous Member   Pragmatic purpose For a reality check and as a starting point for a boat of this type, I took some serious cues from Jim Antrim's 62' Duffy Voyager design. In attempting to design a boat such as the SurfBus that would be relatively easy to get on the water, operate by less than techy owners and drivers and have straight-forward, outboard motor serviceability, I soon discovered that there would be a price to pay for having such a narrow and efficient hull that could carry four people.
The boat could be constructed with an inboard engine set well down in the hull along with fuel tankage and other considerations for inherent ballasting.
I would give away the ability to rotate the prop up and out of the water, thus taking away some of the beachability along with the easy familiarity of outboards in general compared to less common inboards. Agreed, the VT design has less in the water than the stated BOA figure, but it also has included sponsons in hull structure well aft in lieu of amas. Perhaps the real issue here is in the reference to the trimaran configuration as having "training wheels" and not the choices that have been made for pragmatic usefulness? Location: Lakeland Fl USA The Tampa Tribune just did an article about a power tri.
Location: Ontario Chris, I think as long as your designs stray from simple, conventional monohulls, you will always have detractors.
Fred, I'll fire back at you: What does a mono along similar lines to the SurfBus offer, that the tri does not? Where the VSV incorporates sponsons built in as part of the hull structure, I have chosen to use inflatable tubes. The point of a power tri is to have much slimmer hulls than is possible with a mono, thus reducing wave drag and reducing fuel consumption while increasing cruise speed. The point is that few would ever build a 20-1 LB boat as the wetted surface would be really a detriment to fast travel., with low power.

However the multi hull operating characteristics are real , the motion is VASTLY different (QUICKER) from a monohull. With a skinny power boat that is big enough to have good stability from weight placement (can survive a knockdown) , why slow it down with training wheels? If stabilisers are necessary to control the rolling of skinny boats, maybe skinny boats should be beamier? Added stabisers is more use full for fat box boats , where the hull lifts to severe angles as the wave hits the beam , as the leverage of wide beam adds to the rolling forces.
Just watch a log and a box in a seaway , which would be better at keeping lunch down if enlarged to 50 ft and you were on board? Location: 66°N Wave Piercing Trimarans John Holtrop has plans for his 15' and 18' wave piercing Trident trimarans.
When making potentially dangerous or financial decisions, always employ and consult appropriate professionals. Designed to look related to the legendary Calkin’s Bartender, the Timbercoast is a slower and more economical solution to long days on the water.
Power Pogy 6 Meter (19'6") Family Outboard Cruiser, could cruise a family of four along many coasts.
Being certified for use in winds up to force 8, the crew in the 29 is likely to want to give up before the boat does. The revolutionary ?twin tunnel? shape offers uncompromised stability along with the benefit of producing minimal wash at all speeds. Whether driving on the road or at sea, sensible people drive according to the road conditions or sea state.
It carries a sizeable, heavy battery bank, nicely centered as low as possible in the hull for the issues you mentioned and still, it uses a fairly wide set amas for ultimate stability in a seaway. That price came in the form of the stabilization needs and the ama setup was the simplest, most direct solution available to me if I wanted to maintain the design brief positon of an easily driven hull with exceptional fuel economy.
It would still be squirelly to some degree and require a good deal of care when turning in anything other than a calm sea.
Parts for inevitable service would become an issue in remote surf villages, as well, compared to the ever-present outboards.

It is propelled by a very serious pair of 700+ hp engines and surface drives, all out of the question for a boat such as I have designed for surfing adventures. It seems that an adventurous fellow from Auckland NZ is planning to go round the world in 65 days more or less.
These will provide enormous stability and buoyancy when required, but will allow the craft to be a practical tender. Better motion as the craft is not jerked level with the unlevel water surface , in offshore waves. With a deep keel directional stability is great and she is controllable with the small sails set. Speeds up to 7 knots are achieved with a 22 HP inboard diesel engine. I thought he was trying to sell these units as a dealer, but I just talked with him today, and he indicated there was only one built by some guy down in Miami.
What I would say is that a car capable of more than 180 mph will have safer tyres, suspension and brakes and better able to stop the vehicle at 30 mph than a more mundane car. A totally calm sea state does not, typically, go together with good surf conditions; The principal reason for the design. Why would I try to get a much more slender design to do similar things without the inclusion of amas for stability? Overnight accommodations including galley, porta-pottie, double berth, and the smallest wood heating stove.  She can go to Alaska or across the bay.
It also has only one guy onboard and he gets to sit well down in the hull in an enlosed cockpit. It has a certain dock appeal, if you will, for other uses beyond its original design application and it could be used, comfortably, in the manner I indicated in an earlier posting when I first showed it. Anything more than a flat calm`most boats stay in the marina, but those owners who do venture out, appreciate the safety engineered into their craft.
I just had to recognize some basic issues when I started and this boat became a good example of design thinking.

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