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Chris Ostlind Previous Member   Utility Power Cat Design Study I've just put up an article regarding a design study I have been working with for a high fuel efficiency power catamaran for a wide range of use applications. If you guys could take the time to read the piece, take a look at the renderings and make some comments, I'd be grateful.
Location: Duluth, Minnesota Nice design Chris,i think its a very good concept. Chris Ostlind Previous Member   Yep, not an atom bomb on a napkin project. It is possible to push the envelope every once in awhile, but if it's done too many times without the meat and potatoes stuff, then the public gets kinda put-off and they will look elsewhere.
Location: Thailand My feeling that car concept does not really work for a cat. Cruising at 18 knots and operating in big time rough water with much bigger engines is a different boat. There are several things about the Largo that will change as the design process moves along.
Putting this study out in front of the gang here naturally invites a wide range of commentary from differing sources, each with their own personal preferences and perceived needs.

Location: Oriental, NC One of the applications that I see for the boat is as a utility and supply boat for island cottages. When I approach a jetty at an island cottage, or a shore without a prepared landing, I want to come with the bow first. Instead of a rear hatch, it would be nice to have a bow hatch and to be able to lower the bow to be used as a ramp as on a landing craft. 12 knots would be an acceptable cruising speed when used as a workboat, but with only a couple of persons on board a higher top speed would be nice. Please excuse me for being lazy and just pasting in an answer I gave to someone possibly interested in building one. When making potentially dangerous or financial decisions, always employ and consult appropriate professionals.
Just good solid problem solving with materials and technology that will not scare off the homebuilder guys.
I wanted to hear all these comments because this forum represents a real source of marine oriented thinking and it is an exciting environment in which ideas can be presented. I know that there will be positive, as well as negative, points to be made and frankly, the whole thing excites me.

I was going for a plywood morph of sorts between a Honda Element and a Toyota Venza with shapes that could be harnessed by the average guy.
I think it's perfectly suitable to snag concepts from the automotive industry when they can work well with the overall design. Put it all together in a nice looking package that is not too out there and the boat speaks for itself.
Individuals have been making comments directly to me via email, as well as through my website and there is a lot of stuff to kick around for possible incorporation. I'm a relatively new designer, I don't exactly live in a hotbed of marine activity and reaching out like this, on the Internet, has given me a chance to regularly interact with other design oriented people, as well as boat builders and enthusiasts. I know that my design thinking has gotten more focused as a result and look forward to more of your contributions.

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