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I could make the cabin with panels that come off from the rear wall and the aft half of the roof. A small lead insert in a plywood CB to keep the board from floating up works but you can't put 200 lbs in. JimD: Yeah, I see the difference between a simple centerboard weight and a real steel centerboard of significant weight. Charles, I had the CB professionally cut at a big metal works place where they have those huge cutting gizmos. He added the cost of the mild steel centreboard, the cost of galvanising and found out the stainless steel one was not much more, so elected to go for the stainless steel version. This looks gorgeous ^^ I saw your bedroom in Small Cool Spaces and really admired what you were able to do with it. I watched your YouTube segment after someone sent the link to me and I must say, I love how you made use of those lion drawer pulls.
Love small spaces and the ingenuity of those who make them functional and beautiful at the same time, as you have done.
Most of my life I’ve been a sailboat guy and have owned several sailboats ranging in size from 21 to 25 feet. The boat that I would really like to have would be an inexpensive, mini trawler, that would have a little cabin, look unique and could be powered by a small outboard. The false top and the canopy will all be constructed from exterior plywood, painted with top quality latex paint. To get WoodenBoat delivered to your door or computer, mobile device of choice, etc, click WB Subscriptions.
The problem is that the cockpit on small boats with cabins is usually too small for more than about three people. There's a lot of detailed fussy work to build one from what I have seen of construction photos and construction naratives (plus private emails from a kiwi friend). Just gave them the full size pattern and said 'Make it like this, please.' It was probably the smallest job they've ever done. My dad used to take me to boat shows where my brother and I would crawl in and out of every crevice of the tricked out custom interiors. We were chatting about life in Brooklyn and I mentioned that I was considering downsizing from my huge room in Clinton Hill to something more affordable. I fancied the Louis bed the most but I was poor at the time and had no idea if it was even possible to get European designed furniture to my neck of the woods. Unfortunately, the original light fixture was not centered on anything (neither the window, nor the bed, nor the room). It helps to keep your accessories at arm’s length while also creating a visual statement piece for the wall.

When the wind did not cooperate, I was always content to simply motor along at about 5 mph. Sailboats of this size typically come with a small cabin, with molded in bunks for sleeping, plus room for some storage, cooking and a portapotti. The swing keel (400 lbs in this case) is designed to keep the boat upright even when strong winds are hitting the sails and trying their best to tip the boat over. The aft one third of these boats is always an open, self draining cockpit, with seats molded in along both sides. Choosing a larger boat doesn't help: Most designs have larger cabins, but the cockpits are no bigger (sometimes even smaller). I don't see any major reason why something like what you propose wouldn't work provide you could work it up yourself. I knocked together their Utility outboard as well, so far just powering it with a trolling motor. I distinctly remember being 7 years old at a boat show, hanging out in a dim, snug, well ventilated crawl space with a tiny gnome door and a mattress on the floor. I studied wood sculpture in college and had an itch to make some 3D sculpture anyway, so I decided to build a Louis bed replica. It was also a pull-chain fixture with which I had no experience and didn’t want to get electrocuted. Youtube has a web series called Tiny Eclectic Amazing Spaces and they recently stopped by to shoot a little interview.
I would love to be able to capitalize on the available space in my small place, in a way that would help to reduce clutter and have a place for everything, but it’s been difficult to figure out what types of storage solutions would work for me. What was a surprise, was that I would start with an old 21 foot sailboat and convert it into my new mini trawler!
This amount of ballast will keep my little trawler stable and up right even after my construction adds considerable weight above the waterline. An open boat is not a bad choice, but I prefer a small cabin for shelter and for a private space for a head. I was impressed with the way they answered my questions during the construction phase, they were very helpful and prompt. I came to the conclusion that I was one of those people who needs a designated spot for everything or I will never put anything back. So yea, like French castle guest room meets antique market in Bali…for a secret girly girl who hates girly things and color. Initially, I assumed a full sized bed with canopy frame would eat up the whole room, but realized later that I would have about 12″ of space to the right of the bed that would be perfect for shelving. I wound up splurging on a Craigslist electrician who charged me $250 to move the box and install my newly obtained vintage chandelier from the Brooklyn Flea which is conveniently located 2 blocks from my house.

I plan to build a wooden “false” top over the existing cabin to give the boat an old fashion look.
Being a swing type keel, the boat draws less than 12 inches when the keel is in the up position.
Most of them today have been sitting unused in someone’s back yard for many years and can be bought, trailer and all, for a few hundred dollars.
The forward 4 feet of this area will be partially enclosed with sides and a front panel with windows. When it is in sailing mode the weight of the wind on the sail pushes the bow down and lifts the stern.
One thing, tho, with only half a cabin your not going to have much room for the proverbial cedar bucket in there.
I'd be looking at Glen-L for a larger sailboat as well but none of their heavier sailboats appeal to me except Amigo which I have the plans for but have decided its very unlikely I'll ever build her.
I basically hired sketchy guys with vans to shuttle me back and fourth between Home Depot and the house, and I cut all the wood propped up on two folding chairs with a $30 Black and Decker jigsaw. The fiberglass hull was solid but the deck of the boat had been damaged and repaired many times. I was advised to do what you have done against my better judgement with disastrous results. If I were to build her again I'd consider doubling the thickness of the CB to one inch steel for better ballast.
So when their website says 'Here is everything you need to know about Hartley' (or something like that) they apparently mean it. I love revisiting my art sketches and marveling at how bad my handwriting has gotten over the years. I had to patch the walls, ceiling, and trim and probably inhaled a huge amount of spackle and saw dust. So, a sailboat like this gives you an inexpensive way to start with a good hull, an enclosed cabin and a trailer.
I made a TON of noise cutting the curvy shapes and nailing all those furniture tacs into the shelving. If the weather is bad, I could move forward and steer where the side panels are, with the use of a tiller extension.

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