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Fishing is part of the livelihood in the town of St Lunaire-Griquet in Newfoundland, Canada and pulling the boats up onto the wooden boat ramps makes it easier for launching every day.
Lunaire-Griquet in Newfoundland, Canada so that fisherman can pull their boats out of the salty water.

The harbour of this unique Newfoundland town is a lovely spot to sit and enjoy the scenery and watch the fishing boats being hauled out onto the boat ramps.Boats hauled out on wooden ramps in St Lunaire-Griquet Harbour, St Lunaire-Griquet, Viking Trail, Highway 436 enroute to L'Anse aux Meadows, Great Northern Peninsula, Northern Peninsula, Newfoundland, Canada. Just needed a drive I guess.  Took Duke as he seemed a little restless too and he loves a ride in the truck.

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