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This type of proportional spacing is much stronger and can be built lighter than by evenly spacing cross members on even patterns. Location: Lake Champlain I would hope that we wouldn't have any problems like hogging with a craft this small and with the amount of internal framework we have designed. Location: Lake Champlain here are some prints but they are pretty light and hard to see.
Originally Posted by indianbayjoe here are some prints but they are pretty light and hard to see.

Location: Lake Champlain Local work, not too heavy, #4000 max, and you were close, lake champlain is between nY and VT. Location: Lake Champlain I thought i had one on ebay but got nailed right at the last minute. Location: Lake Champlain much smaller although we could probably force ourselves to work with that.
When making potentially dangerous or financial decisions, always employ and consult appropriate professionals.

I have spent all this time getting software to work only to realize I should have just drew the grid out on a wall and started building something, honestly. We are planning on utilizing some of that area for storage of things like chains, blocks, lines etc.

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