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The Solo Skiff can best be described as a hybrid vessel, borrowing features from different types of shallow-water craft. The Solo Skiff makes a great poling-platform, just tilt the engine up and it’s no problem tackling the skinny water. Incorporated into the hull of the skiff is a rod tube in the forward bulkhead that can handle a up to a 9-foot fly rod. Feel free to leave the Solo Skiff tied up to the dock, the stern is a flush run-off deck that allows water to self-bail.
At the stern, a unique split tail design and raised transom to mount either a small outboard or trolling motor (shown here with a 2.5 Tohatsu). The Solo Skiff logo proudly displayed on the side of the hull, while floating in just a few inches of water. I live on Chicopit bay in NE FL and this boat would be perfect for making the long runs into unfished waters while skinny enough to stay there through the tide, comfortably.
SOLO SKIFF comes from the innovative mind of Tom Mitzlaff of Mitzlaff Boatworks out of Jacksonville, Florida. In recent years, new and lighter weight water craft have nudged their way into the world of shallow water angling. One look at a SOLO and you can see it’s a useable fishing machine for anyone and that includes septuagenarians. It only weighs about 120-pounds and the split tailed transom can manage up to a 5 HP outboard that hits its top speed of around 8- to 10-mph.
You can pole a SOLO quite quickly and do so with a lot of control and with a lot less effort than many of the aforementioned micro skiffs.

These are really cool little boats and something that would be a blast to own for back-country and many other fishing applications. Does anyone know where I can find a real-life picture (either promotional still or screenshot) of Han Solo in his skiff outfit (it's his normal clothing sans black vest from RotJ)?
Thanks, that second one will probably work._________________For some reason, I always have a bad feeling about things. Tom is a passionate boat builder and continues to mature SOLO with add-ons and performance enhancements.
It all, of course, started with the canoe back in the day, then came kayaks which keep maturing,  and morphing (Hobie) followed by the Gheenoe. It’s much easier to get in and out of than any canoe or kayak and certainly easier than mounting and fishing from a stand-up paddle board.
Otherwise, you can simply opt for a trolling motor (gear and battery for a trolling motor fits inside a storage compartment below the seat).
Also, from the “platform,” stripped line falls to the open cockpit below you so when casting, in general and especially in a brisk wind, it helps keep the fly line where it belongs. Although you could safely get through a rough passage in a SOLO, I personally would do my best to avoid getting into a rough water situation. I can already envision myself getting towed around by a nice tarpon in the Everglades this Spring! Mitzlaff is as familiar to shallow water anglers from The Bahamas to Texas as crabs are to permit.
However, if you do get a dunking, the low sides make getting back on-board a snap and the grab bar at the transom is a nice safety feature.

Tom, as many flats anglers know, designed and founded the Mitzi Skiff line of inshore power boats. So being able to stand on the SOLO “poling platform,” which doubles as a seat and triple plays as storage space, has better than a one-up on any canoe, kayak, inflatable or SUP board for viewable water. However, with a motorized SOLO and fishing alone, I’d be sure to have a kill switch tether.
Also, water always flushes via the open aft end so water never gets trapped inside the self-bailing SOLO. Look at the stern,rear, like an SUP (stand up paddle board) close to water and water runs off. Look at the cockpit and transom, very power boat like with the flat floor, hatch and integrated storage.
So it is truly a hybrid in every way from the ability to paddle it, to the ability to power it. What other craft allows you to paddle it, with an SUP or kayak paddle, head under power home, and punch through waves like a kayak with no fear of ever swamping the boat ? When you compare everything about the design, its clear that this is a hybrid that has no rival.

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