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Aston Martin has been known for its power and beauty in automotive world, now, the company is looking a way to explore high performance segment of the yachting world. Mulder Design provides the framework of the design to Aston Martin to ensure the style complements the hull’s performance.
You can see characteristics of Aston Martins in the design, you can see the blueprint of exciting sports cars built to the highest standards.
Studio Pannone Architetti has submitted their latest project: Italian Charme 45 tender yacht. Alessandro Pannone, owner of the Pannone Architects Studio, says that this yacht has been designed to answer the challenge to surpass the success of Capri Tender.
Claydon Reeves Aeroboat is an elegant and luxurious speedboat inspired by the Spitfire WW II fighter plane. The company claims that Aeroboat is one of the fastest and most elegant small yachts ever produced. A practical Ribbon R27 Boat has been designed to provide boat enthusiasts a fun day boat for driving both lakes and sea.
Jet Capsule measures only 7.5meters long, it’s small enough to be easily maneuvered yet inside is big enough for some guests.
Gran Tender 72′ has been designed by KeyframeStudio and engineered by REDS for YTEAM.
Gran Tender 72′ boat features 6-seats to allow passengers to enjoy extreme speed of the boat.
KARDIS K6.9 is a next-generation vessel that has been designed like cyborg robots to become an ultimate icon of speed, comfort and futuristic boat design. The 12M houseboat concept has been innovatively designed with the logic of a catamaran, aiming to give the usual houseboat a non-conventional look with great functionalities. Powerboat designers are giving their maximum effort to develop something the will offer an extraordinary look as well as speed and power. The limousine tender by Denis Popov is an answer to the demand for multipurpose superyacht tenders that truly reflects the custom nature of the superyacht industry.
The design includes two separately actuated roofs that define the tender’s functionality and allow for an exceptionally low storage height. More generally, Grand Blanc Pacific’s design characteristics are simplicity and harmony, whatever project they are working on, they are trying to reflect their respect of the object just like a sailboat of 100 feet could have on sea. The outcome of 5 years of extensive design by John Shuttleworth Yacht Designs and discussion with the owner Anto and Elaine Marden, positively has all it takes to strike the minds of luxury cruise seekers that can offer unique and quality ocean voyage with comfort and style. The famous quote ‘Size doesn’t matter for chopping wood’ of Jerry from ‘Mother in Manville’ suddenly came to my mind while checking out the images of MAS Yacht 36. The WHY yacht is a concept yacht dedicatedly focused on bringing luxury living lifestyle on the sea through offering maximum durability, space and cutting-edge technologies at every single turn. The Azimut concept yacht is a 22.05 meter long (including the pulpit) luxury boat that has been designed in a simple and innovative way that can fit any harbor. On the port side of the salon is an L-shaped lounge that allows you to relax in while you watch the standard 20 inch flat screen TV with DVD player. Quintessence Yachts has been chosen to team up for this special project due to impressive company’s concept and development proposals.
During the process, they have constantly exchanged ideas for the design and every details with full commitment of the Aston Martin team to get input and feedback of both interior and exterior.
This powerboat combines power, beauty, and soul of true sporting ability with passion, luxury, and of course, beauty.
With Capri Tender, Pannone aims to revolutionize art status of the open rib while Italian Charm is meant to take a different approach of car design in a yachting world, a boat with a hard top. It features unique styling and design that can accommodate up to 7 adults, the luxurious environment should offer high level of refinement.

Designed by Pierpaolo Lazzarini in collaboration with Luca Solla from S3, this boat is ideally for 3-4 people who would like to travel short distance on water or for recreation.
Passengers can enjoy rooftop lounge bed for sunbathing or use the rear platform to hangout.
There’s a steering station right in front of these seats to enable everyone to watch as the captain makes precise movements through the rough ocean.
The two powerful engines and it’s extremely ultra-light body allows it to attain more speed than most of the others in its category. Both the outer appearance and interior arrangements of the boat has pure touch of precision to make it more alluring and appreciative.
The Supersnake powerboat is such an attempt that is made of aggregated diamond nanorods and carbon fiber.
Respecting the aesthetic of sea, the quality of lines and surfaces, trying to re-inject with caution the soul of the large sail boat tradition. This tiny powerboat, with a shape and size of a conventional speedboat, which was actually inspired by combining the mid 20th century car lines with the yard’s first “MAS28E”, features enough space and facilities inside to spend a long weekend with a lot of pleasurable activities in the middle of the sea.
The yacht is contained in a triangle shaped hull measuring 58 x 38 meter and the interior is furnished with water resistant buffalo leather with calpinage technique.
This family-friendly sport boat delivers comfort and safety along with all the thrills, so you’ll never miss out on any of the fun.
The solid fiberglass hull is laid-up with mat and woven roving, plus considerable overlap for the keel and chines, while the deck and superstructure are comprised of end-grain balsa for stiffness and plywood for hardware backing. From the very start, AM37 project would be a powerboat with excellent performances and handling, therefore, Quintessence Yachts has chosen Mulder Design for its experience in fast yachts. With extensive contribution of the Aston Martin designers, the AM37 powerboat offers you highest degree of technology and innovation in a genuinely unique manner. The sculptural beauty and sinuous form of IC 45 will go unnoticed, it will strike and amaze ship owners all over the world, the attention to details is amazing, from colors of the exterior to the interior materials and finishing process. This 48-foot boat features Rolls-Royce engine at its heart, it’s as superyacht at the cost of ?3-million. The elegance interior with excellent quality means you get to travel in pure comfort, yes, the boat is clothed in finest materials. This small boat features a powerboat hull made out of entirely fiberglass with stainless steel handrails, 325-hp yanmar diesel with a Hamilton waterjet that allows for propulsion speeds up to 25 knots. The owner specifically asked to develop the similar the hull and mechanics of the Zeynep to create a new luxury tender.
Behind the guest seats, there’s a double chaise-lounge with seat belts where passengers are presented with plain view of stern wake.
The interior features revolutionary layout along with versatile facilities such as the transformable backseat giving the riders a comfort of an ultimate sunbed.
The wide open roof of the boat features the driver’s port and comprises enough space on both the front and rear end to make it an enjoyable experience onboard. Firstly, raising the coachroof and the Bimini create a fully functional limousine with two separate decks. Starting from the exterior, the guests are completely protected with the backrest in which the Bimini is housed.
Aside from the 25 meter long seawater pool on the bow, the boat creates a completely flat water surface behind it, similar to an Olympic-size pool where boarders can swim in peace. The main inspiration behind the project was to offer the passengers their own prospect to choose and making the decision as simple as possible. The access to the engine room is made raising the stairs in the salon whit a hydraulic lift. By the design of the hull, Carver intended to offer high performance at lower speeds and planning ability at higher speeds.InteriorThe Carver 36 Mariner has a spacious cockpit from which you can access the spacious bridge and the molded-in swim platform with integrated fold-out ladder on the port side.

It’s been designed and developed with the same speed and sophisticated elegance of the Rolls Royce and of course, it has the characteristic of the Spitfire. The overall exterior design is based on the iconic British Spitfire aircraft, supercharged with Merlin V12 engine, bespoke gearbox, and final drive, this boat is capable to achieve speeds over 50 knots. Ribbon R27 Boat exterior style is matched by interior materials where each one is manufactured by hands to achieve beautiful finish never seen before for a boat in its class. Inside, you’ll find spacious room enough for 4 people to sit on each side and enjoy the ride.
Inside there are room to accommodate 6 guests, unfortunately we didn’t get the interior images.
The main inspiration of KARDIS came from the extreme sport boats which can reflect on its specially designed hull that ensure smooth and swift propelling over rough water. The kitchen comprises a dishwasher, 2 refrigerators and a washing machine under the counter. When the Bimini is raised above the aft deck using a smartly concealed pantograph mechanism, one gets a versatile tender with two open decks. These 3 yachts feature pragmatism and simplicity in the general lines with a large uncover deck that offers space for maneuver as the old famous J-class yachts.
The boat is powered by a diesel electric engine and a central computer manages the different sources of energy. The big wings at the back is helping decrease and insulate the huge amount of water and wind drag which has made the yacht different from any other around.
In the galley located on the starboard side of the boat you will find a built-in microwave, two-burner electric stove, coffeemaker, abundant amount of storage, a refrigerator and ice maker.In the cabin is a queen-sized berth with two steps on either side for easy access. Carbon fiber detailing blends beautifully with Silvergaurd leatherwork, every detail is luxury and sophisticated. Since this boat is custom made, you are free to customize the interior with different soft finishes and exterior colors.
The style of the entire boat has been kept aligned with the best Italian tradition in nautical designs. The design can house 4 people to live conveniently and offers excellent opportunity to the boarders to visit different bays with the ease at home. Lotusan based color paint is used to keep the boat clean and lessen the friction to its minimum level.
And finally, in order to fit the tender into the yacht’s garage, both roofs need to be lowered down into the hull, bringing the total storage height to 1.55m. The stunning interior is featured with an independent bathroom and the innovative transformable layout has made the interior able to turn the dinette into a cabin in no time.
Moreover, about 900 square meters of photovoltaic surface panel generates a part of the energy that is required to subsist the boat.
Passengers of the yacht, especially those who will seat back-part of it, will remain dry at any speed with the help of these functional wings. Boat lovers will surely like the lucrative design and the power of a V8 engine that is able to produce remarkable speed.
Although it’s a small boat it makes room for everything you and your family needs on a day trip.
The features, the speed and the fun that you’ll have on the Baja 192 Islander will definitely keep you smiling.

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