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Experience the grace and beauty of a custom built wood and canvas canoe from Island Falls Canoe!
Steve Vose (AKA The Rabid Outdoorsman) is a Registered Maine Guide, outdoor writer, blogger, photographer and lover of Maine's woods and waters. My top choice right now is the DK Dingy 15', it looks light, stable and dead simple to build.
I also greatly admire the Little Laker, but it looks heavier and a bit more complex to build. Some of Michalaks plans are in his book and the pointy skiff plans are in one of Payson's books. It has to be mentioned that it's very difficult for a novice builder to keep the weight down to what the designer claims. There are boats that can be carried in the bed of a full-sized pickup that can support a motor of your size but they can't be much longer than about 11-12 ft. Sorry to lay all this on you but you have to get a firm grip on what you're after before you spend a lot of dough on materials. My 4.5 weighs about 50lb (1980 Johnson Seahorse) and the DK says it'll handle up to 5hp, and it appears wider at at the stern than a typical canoe so that still seems the best choice at this point. Standing up will take care of itself, I was just wondering if anybody had specific experiece e.g.
The SC16 planes with 6hp and 2 aboard, so your motor ought to scoot along fairly impressively.

It seems that my best bet is the lighter build and see if my current motor is unworkable--then deal with that. Through his writing, he shares hunting, fishing & general sporting information with others passionate about the great outdoors. To get WoodenBoat delivered to your door or computer, mobile device of choice, etc, click WB Subscriptions. You'll have to sift thru' everything and figure out what you can't do without and what you are willing to give up to get it.
If you mean cartopped weight becomes a problem and the only solution for that is to build on the small side. Of course, this means the boat goes up in weight and will generally get up beyond what two men can heave over their heads. Anything built with epoxy resin can balloon in weight if the builder does not keep epoxy usage down to a bare minimum. They take roughly three times as long to build and there is no weight advantage because to the large amount of epoxy they require. The abilty to stand in any particulat boat often rests on the athletic abilty of the person doing the standing. When able to find time in his hectic schedule, he even manages to do a little bit of guiding, where he takes great pride in introducing others to the rugged beauty of the Maine wilderness. And for any design made from plywood the only answer to the weight problem is to use lightest ply available, BS1088 okoume, which many builders shy away from because of the cost.

If you want a hull that anyone can readily stand in you are talking about something fairly wide, stabile and, probably, heavier. The displacement at the stern is to small to support a motor of that weight plus the weight of the average sized pilot. Sometimes it is the accessories that make a boat weigh more, such as seat types and number, flotation chambers, etc. There are quality marine plys that are made from other types of wood but they are all heavier. A motor driven stripper would have even more of a weight penalty because the bottom needs multiple layers of glass for adequate protection.
Never fooled with fiberglass and epoxy, but it can`t be that much .A church banner now drapes over a former strip club. This blog is a labor of love and payment is rendered when I manage to write something that people enjoy reading. There is a spot on it where the label wore-off, looks like it could have been an OLD TOWN Canoe label.

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