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The Sims 3 Island Paradise arrives June 25, and I will of course be covering the new features of the Expansion Pack. Diving Skill: Snorkeling and ScubaSims can now explore beneath the water with the new Snorkeling and Scuba skills.
MermaidsMermaids are the new life state available to Sims, and your scuba diver may encounter one beneath the ocean. In ClosingThat's obviously not all that Island Paradise will offer, but I won't go beyond the information I've seen with my own eyes in creating this summary. Our Sims Forum is the place to go for faster answers to questions and discussions about the game. Before doing any cable fitting, it is advisable that the trailer is fully prepared and painted or galvanised and at the bare minimum, has a primer coat applied. From the front of the trailer, slide a semi-rigid section of mild steel "pull" wire down the drawbar until it comes out at the spring end.
Gently pull the cable through until you have a good length that will reach along the length of the trailer and across the rear light channel. Drill through any cross members not already drilled to allow the cable to be threaded through.
Thread the left over cable through the conduits along the light channel to the second light. Make sure that your number plate light is in the correct position and that the light will shine on the plate. Other options include soldering the wires together and sealing with insulation tape and a heat shrink tube or using crimp connectors and covering again with heat shrink tube. If you go down the junction box route, secure the box to the chassis rail directly behind the light channel. For side marker lights, an additional two lengths of 2 core cable need to be run from the junction box, up through the conduit to the spring hanger.
Crimp connectors are the most convenient method for joining the wires to sealed lights with attached wiring.
Pass the plug end cable through the cable hole drilled in the top or side of the drawbar and slide a suitable sized rubber grommet over the cable to prevent any chafing of the cable where it passes through the drawbar.

Trim the length of cable so that the cable can move with the trailer behind the tow vehicle without being stretched or kinked, but not too long that it will dangle too close to the ground.
Slide any plug sleeve or nut, that came with the plug, over the cable, then strip each end of the plug wires leaving approximately 10mm bare wire, fold the bare cable in half and enter them into the plug connector in the correct sequence as per the chart above.
The page combines information and screenshots that EA has released over the months since announcing the IP Expansion. This means that EA has included a variety of sea life that Sims can interact with, sea shells and bottom-dwelling fish. Managing a Resort is one of the new money-making options available to players with Island Paradise.
It sounds like a fun management simulation packed into the game, which reminds me of Sims 2 Open for Business. One can be accessed simply by sailing up to it, but others require you to complete an objective of some sort. If you like what you see in this Expansion, you can buy it from EA Origin to support the Guide. Use the form below to share your own experiences and provide helpful tips to other readers. Tape the trailer 5 core cable (seven core if you are fitting electric brakes) to the end of the "pull" wire and pull from the spring hanger end until the cable comes through. Thread the cable from the spring hanger end of the drawbar, through the conduits and cross members until you reach the position of your first light. Using a strip connector inside a sealed junction box is one of the best ways of keeping the join secure and weather tight and also gives the option of easily changing lights should they get damaged, etc.
These options take less time to do than the first option, but will cause a bit of a headache when maintenance needs to be done at a later date.
Tighten the screws snugly but do not over-tighten.  Screw the cable clamp down to prevent the cable from pulling out and fit any sleeves, nuts or covers that came with the plug. If you don't have a mate to help you check your brake lights, grab a mirror and position it behind the trailer where you can see it from the tow vehicle. There is an opportunity chain you can get from resort desk clerks by asking for an adventure, making a five-star resort of your own, or finding a message in a bottle that unlocks an island instantly.

While the Profession isn't a big money-maker, it is required for completionists because 35 rescues unlocks and Uncharted Island.
As Sims explore new dive spots, they will level the skill and it will allow them to find sunken treasure. Divers get great access to these, being able to unlock two Islands easily - one for them by going through a cave, and another through befriending a mermaid. Drill the appropriate holes for mounting the light and for the cable to pass through the guard.
Sims who wish can explore underwater caves to search for treasures, but all must be wary of the Kraken that lives in its cave beneath the ocean depths. So sims living in, let's say, Moonlight Falls or Sunset Valley, can't vacation to Isla Paradiso, they would have to move there permanently or I would have to start a new game to use it?Admin: Isla Paradiso is not a vacation world right.
Sims can drown, running out of air, and will not be able to dive constantly, as a moodlet will block them -- but we all know testing cheats will probably take care of that. So, no matter what you do or how clean your hotel is you will always have roaches unless you delete the box. If you have a houseboat, sometimes you will see a large black shadow under your house boat in a squid sort of shape.
I was able to click onto the roach box using Nraas mods and now have a roach free resort!!! It doesn't happen in any other world and all other island paradise features work perfectly. I went there myself and upgrading everything to self clean and still people complain about roaches???

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