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Location: British Columbia Steel Yacht Construction This explains the huge increase in steel boats out cruising. Repairs on the boat in the picture would probably be , remove internal bent framing, spring back the plating that you can, replace the bent stuff, bend it and tack it in place,fully weld the edges, then replace the internal structural .
As it turns out, both the owner and the watch were asleep, so extra speed was of no use, - so yes, steel saved their lives.
Location: British Columbia I doubt if an extra knot or two would make much difference in any circumstane.
With good shot blasting preperation, proper initial design, and top grade marine paint formulated for steel, a steel boat will outlive the owner, provided proper maintnaince is adhered to. Over 40ft LOA, a modern well designed hull compares favorably with a tupperware boat and with a proper thought out radius chine, also scores top marks aesthetically on looks. A one square metre plate of 5 mm steel weighs about 39 kg that?s equivalent of 24 mm of fibreglass or a fibreglass sandwich with 9 mm shells and a 10 cm core of divynicell H100.

Of course the steel hull would need frames and stiffeners so it would still be heavier than the other two. When making potentially dangerous or financial decisions, always employ and consult appropriate professionals.
She is beautiful pug puppy and she is kennel club registered and she is ready to leave now for christmas.
Hi there, I am wanting to rehome my Pug Cross Beagle as he deserves to be in a home as the only dog. If more people realised the toughness of steel construction there would be far fewer non metal boats out cruising.
Moisser's (I think) Joshua was in a hurricane and driven into many other moored & anchored boats. The last example would also give a positive buoyancy of bout 80 kg per square metre of hull.

During in building the engine we changed the shaft to stainless and changed the propeller optimased to the engine. Moitessier put a similar picture of a sister ship to his Joshua in a 1984 iissue of Yachting magazine, which had been T-boned by a 35,000 ton freighter . When rescue services are hundreds of miles away & charts are inaccurate, steel is the way to go, especially when 'Summer' water temps are in the mid 30'sF. I have collided with a large metal object about 1000 miles north of Hawaii, that would have easily sunk me if my boat hadn't been steel.

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